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Leader 727TR with Aerospokes *SOLD*

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike

55CM 2010

Nitto RB-021 -Anodized Red - No Name (negative) 40 degree Stem

Zeus Carbon fork, alloy steerer, Ritchey Zerostack Headset

Aerospoke, Duro double walled -Red

Aerospoke, Duro Fixie Pops "Red Dragon" 8mm thick skidding tire

Origin 8 Propulsion 46T Chainring and crankset - VP components Sealed 107MM BB

SSR Pro Saddle, Felt Aero Seatpost

Ritchey Pro Pelton Limited Edition Anodized Red "Look style" Clipless Pedals


Front Radius anodized red Brake caliper and lever

46T X 17T


Discontinued Frame from Leader Bike USA.

People who friended this bike foreverfixed, cannonhugodale, cityinmind, Fixegearsss

Looks pretty damn cool

But I wouldn't run a crappy single pivot brake just for the sake of its redness...

You could always paint a proper brake.

Ya, I hate the brake too

Ya, I hate the brake too after I put it on. Looking around for something better now. (Its on the pink side too instead of red)

that pedals look really nice

that pedals look really nice on your bike.


Thank you very much! I should add a better close up, but I was REALLY lucky to find them on Craigslist, limited edition red too.

You and your friend buy your

You and your friend buy your bikes together and try to match them?

matching bikes

No, the white 727TR belongs to my brother, that's why they're matching.

Most of my friends are too broke to keep up =P

what a snob...your bike

what a snob...your bike might cost a lot but its got zero swag. leader = suck. rear aerospoke = just dumb. your cycling for the wrong reason doesnt make you cool. if you got money, use it to become literate so you can read about parts before you buy you can build a respectable bike next time.

It wasn't intentional,

It wasn't intentional, really I have lazy friends....

Anyhow, I'll never touch a leader or aerospokes again. All of this has been sold.

Learned lesson I guess

Gee, so much hate for a bike

Gee, so much hate for a bike that only belongs to one person. Yeah, it's a bit silly. So what, clearly it's been thought out and if that's what the guy wants, just leave him alone and go ride.

However, I will say that ending every post with "Forever Fixed!" makes you sound like a spokesperson for some dog neutering campaign or something. I dunno man, it's just weird.


Ya, it was in the signature settings when I signed up, didn't know it was going to be used for comments too. I already removed it.

And thanks for the support, I was quite surprised...

One word...


re: tank

Yes its heavy. Thank you for your input.

Are all the bikes on velospace supposed supreme specs or something ?

It all comes down to what

It all comes down to what the rider likes.
I personally would never run an aero due to the sheer weight
My 2011 725 would be be horrible with it haha

2011 725

I bought my frameset *right* before the 2011 725 was announced, I am quite jealous and even rode someone's already. Will definitely be in my future collection

Forever fixed!

also, have you had any

also, have you had any problems with your seatpost clamp? ive already had to warranty my frame.


Ya, the seatpost clamp on this frame is totally shit. It works fine with a leader seatpost which my brother has, but with my aftermarket carbon aero one, it would never tighten, and I don't have a warranty on this frame so I had to be careful. I just put shims in there, not noticeable and am content for now.

I still envy any complete

I still envy any complete bike.
My 2011 just needs a fork and headset haha
Can't wait to run the ellispe.

And I came from a windsor from the comment below
I liked it but it was too heavy I'm not saying that it was the
Best of steel frames but that was my everyday.

My friend wil forever hate me for buying a leader
But I'm not gonna knock it before I try it

2 things, 1. you have

2 things,

1. you have several pictures, which is really nice, but your only drive side photo is of the bike hiding at an awkward angle
behind a skinny little tree. not ideal.

2. granted that one aerospoke weighs more than your entire frameset, how does that AL wonder handle with two of them?
and what happens if you're riding in a cross wind? are you blown across the road?

speaking as someone who owns a 727tr and rides it as my daily,
ill be the first to admit that leaders handle like dogshit.
i couldn't even begin to imagine how twitchy it would be with 2 aerospokes. Bold move sir, bold move.

This is my first dedicated

This is my first dedicated overall build. I admit that yes, the Aerospokes are very heavy, someday they'll be gone.

Secondly, ya, it handles alright, not the greatest for daily riding, and yes in the cross winds it is terrible, but I am content with it for now, and will someday move on to something better.

None the less, I am not entirely disappointed, and I do get lets of (positive) comments in public.

Forever fixed!

i had a masi speciale fixed

i had a masi speciale fixed for a minute, i bought it too large and ended up trading it away. ill say this.

steel rides like a dream with the right components. pedo is on point with that. i think most everyone would agree. a nice reynolds tubeset, king headset, maybe a concor or a brooks, and some deda drops (much less hand fatigue and better shape than nitto b123aa's IMO). ditch those dirty aeropspokes and getcherself some low profile wheels laced to profiles or something nicer. you'll never never regret that build if you do it tastefully.

i cant wait for my steel geekhouse. this leader of mine is just a temporary fix.


Which geekhouse model are you getting?

Steel Future?

Have you ever owned a nicely built steel bike? If you know someone that has a sweet built steel bike with all the right stuffs, give it a go and see if it's more comfy.... you might find it a more enjoyable ride. Just something to keep in mind for your future project.

steel bike

I have, my old nishiki setup was Tange steel. Not the best, but yes, more comfortable and less harsh on roads.

Forever fixed!

steel bike

Double post-apologies

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