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Death Machine

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Gardin Pursuit / 56 cm / circca 1990 (best guess)

Profile design Airwing / Orgin 60 mm Stem (alt: Bontrager XXX aerobars / Zipp stem)

Cervelo 650c Carbon TT fork / 1" FSA Orbit Extreme

650c / Gipiemme hub / Gipiemme / Continental Ultra

Alex DA 22 / Formula hub /

No name track cranks / Shimano Ultegra

Fizik Tri2 / Colnago

MKS Pedals & Cages / SRAM Single Speed

Shimano UL derailleurs (when I run gears)

Zero Gravity TI brakes, Crane Creek levers

Fixed: 44/16 / Geared: 54/44 Rotor Q-rings

***If you have any info or websites with info about Gardin Bicycles please post them. I'd like to learn more about this frame.***

All I wanted was a frame that I could use some of the spare parts I have had laying around from my various Triathlon bikes to build a daily rider that matched the aggressive geometry of my P3 race bike. Little did I know I would end up searching for over a year to find one of these old school pursuit frames. So when this frame showed up on Craigslist for 0 I couldn't resist even though I knew the owner was asking too much for it. I contacted the guy and went to see the bike. Other than a tiny dent in the seat tube and a bunch of scratches in the various layer of paint (both of which would be solved with a little bondo and a fresh coat of paint) the frame was in great shape. So I talked the guy down to 5 for the frame, fork & bottom bracket and was on my way.

Unfortunately the original fork was long gone and had been replaced with a 700c threaded fork. My first mission was to get the bike back to its original 650c front / 700c rear Funny bike configuration. So I picked up an FSA Orbit Extreme 1" threadless headset and a 650c Bladed carbon TT fork from a Cervelo P2K, threw on my old 650c front wheel and a flip flop rear and got the bike back on the road about 2 weeks after I picked it up.

The first time I stood over this bike I nicknamed it "the Death Machine" as a joke- but after a couple of rides in the city I have realized just how fitting that nickname is. This thing is a BLAST to ride in the city! Total weight of the bike is around 16 lbs so even set up as a single speed this thing is SUPER FAST. The geometry of the frame puts the rider so far forward that riding this bike feels more like your are running up a flight of stairs than peddling a bike- I can not wait to get another stem so that I can run my Bonty Aerobars! The wheel base and head tube angle make her extremely stable at speed but responsive and twitchy as $h*t when you get into some turns. It ended up being everything I was hoping it would be.

So now that I have ridden it a couple of times its time to start thinking about some fresh paint... I'm leaning towards either a matte sky blue or something ridiculous- so if you have any ideas post em' up!

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Who said anything about

Who said anything about grinding or converting??? The owner wants to return it to its original functionality.

That's a wild bike, looks painful to ride though :)

I did...

To be fair, when I first posted this bike a week ago I had some bad ideas posted in the Notes section... One of them was about grinding down the frame. Since then I have seen the light, I will get the frame cleaned up to fix some of the scratches left over from this bikes days as a messenger, replace the headset and get a 650c fork on there (hopefully a Cervelo fork to keep the Toronto design factor) but I am NOT going to remove the cable guides.

That plan...

...seems much better thought out and makes my comment below seem a bit nonsensical. Good luck with the project.

Just some words of caution...

That bike is going to handle horribly with a 700c fork and wheel, and grinding off the cable guides and derailleur hangers will make your frame ultimately useless since it is equipped with vertical drop-outs.

But it's your bike so do as you wish.

This ^

If you must turn it into a conversion don't destroy the frame!

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