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CoMotion Custom Track

Bike tags: Fixed gear | American made | campagnolo | Chub | CHUB Hub | more tags >>
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56cm Co-Motion Custom Track

39cm Nitto B123 track drops / 90mm Nitto Technomic stem

stock fork / Dura Ace track headset

1993 Specialized Carbon Fiber Tri-Spoke (pre-Hed3)

32h black Velocity Deep-V / 32h black Chub Hub (2x laced)

Dura Ace 7600 track / Dura Ace track

NOS Turbo / generic black seatpost

MKS Sylvan pedals / SOMA cages / Toshi straps / KMC Lite chain



50t Campagnolo Pista chainring / 17t EAI cog

Custom track bike from Portland, Oregon. The sunny-day answer to my everyday GTB work bike.

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Awesome bike. It would be cool though, if you only had grip tape on the lower part of the handlebars. Anyway, cool build.





I live in portland and never

I live in portland and never seen one of these. Pretty sick! Ive been looking at your GTB pics forever. Love the black cloth bar tape. Looks like you covered up the breaking surface on that tri-spoke with sharpie. It doesnt matter, looks like a cool bike to cruise around on

yeah - they're a special

yeah - they're a special order item; proud to have one

and yeah, i tried covering the braking surface with krink, but it might need some one-shot to really look proper. still think it looks better than the unused braking surface as silver.

soooo dope. im thinking

soooo dope. im thinking about flying out to brooklyn to ask your bike on a date. the whole build is sick.

this is really pretty, but

this is really pretty, but its begging for a silver jaguar seatpost

it's actually begging for a

it's actually begging for a black quill & weyless carbon seatpost ;)

and then black cranks

and then black cranks

i think

it's begging not to be a hipster rig :)

but that's me. inb4AYHSMB

i kind of wanted it to be

i kind of wanted it to be over-the-top, though

this bike is meant solely for sunny day rides and cruising around the neighborhood
admittedly, this bike was more about aesthetic choices than everyday practicality / subtlety

i ride my GTB a hell of a lot more than i do this thing, but love them both equally


Aesthetic? Then how come did you end up with a Chubb hub? The frame itself is a beauty though.

chub hub was a functional

chub hub was a functional choice - and i think they look great

why you mad, though?


I'm not mad, I just don't like the fat look of the Chubb. On a thin-tubed steel frame like yours it looks especially odd. But, of course, it's just my personal opinion.

I dont think it would be a

I dont think it would be a hipster rig with all black swag.

but the trispoke is a little much imo

oh yeah, and that chubbby

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