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Ideor under restoration...

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | Ideor | Track | yellow
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Ideor Pista/ 53/ 1961

Campagnolo Track drops/ Custom stem

Ideor Pista fork/ Generic Headset

700X23c/ Quando hub/ Wienmann DP18/ Bontrager T1

700X23c/ Quando hub/ Wienmann DP18/ Bontrager T2

Campagnolo / Campagnolo

Selle Robon Saddle/ Campagnolo

Stock / TAYA

47-16/ MKS Toe Clips/ White leather straps

Been through a lot.

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i cant believe you use this

i cant believe you use this bike for polo

I just noticed your fork

looks like a vintage Paramount track fork. I have one, but it's not drilled. It's no big deal. I don't have an original fork for my Zunow neither, and they are really hard to find. I'm just going to use what looks the most appropriate, and that's going to be a chrome Daccordi fork from the same era.


was the original fork it came with, so i really dnt knw if its the original or not. So im assuming u got the Ideor frame?

It's a nice fork

goes with the frame. Yeah, I did get it. All chrome 1962 Ideor road frameset w/Ideor headset, seatpost clamp, and bottom bracket. Looks like it's going to sit for a while, because I've purchased a couple of BMX bikes.


i cant wait to see that build. Do you BMX too or sumthing like that?

Slowly but surely

The builds I got up now took a while too. I sit on parts for a long time, deciding what will go with what. The guys I work with are all into BMX. I like to ride with them, but I keep shit really mellow.


all i gotta say it sure might come out nice.

It's gonna take a while

Keeping it period correct means getting the right parts for it. It looks like I've acquired another project a 70s Guerciotti road bike. The process is what makes it interesting. Posting pics is the frosting on the cake.

I see you got the seat angle

adjusted. A friend told me he has a chrome Ideor track frame for sale. I'm gonna check it out.

o yea...

i adjusted is finally and shined it up a bit too. O rlly, how much is he gnna sell it for?

Yeah, the seatpost is a lot cleaner looking.

You can get it looking closer to chrome with a product called NeverDull, or better yet, wet sand with really fine sand paper (1500) and then use buffing compound. You'll be amazed how shiny aluminum can get. Oh, and the amount he's asking for the Ideor frame is a friend price (what he paid for it long time ago). I still need to check it out though. Pretty sure it's nice because I've gotten stuff from him before.

i will

look into buying that product. nice that ur gnna get another ideor frame. do u knw if its the road or track frame?

It's track frame.

My friend told me since it's an older frame, the geometry is going to be more relaxed. Hopefully I'll get to check it out soon. It looks like you shortened the chain and moved your rear wheel closer to the seat tube. Nice.

tht sounds

good. U do knw these frames are rare too. So it will be nice to add it to ur collection as well. And yea i did shorten it, made it look more better.

I just got my Ideor frameset

It turns out it's a road frame, but it is gorgeous. It's a 1960 all chrome frameset with original headset, bottom bracket, and seatpost binder clamp. The headbadge looks awesome. It has the same lugs as your frame.


Yea mine had the original bb, clamp, badge, nd im tryin to get bak my campy headset for it nd add a lower drop to the stem. Also i have been working on my pake rumrunner now so thts y i havent been on.

Campy headsets are nice,

but you need a stem that goes less into the fork steerer. For example a Nitto track stem. They are shorter vertically. On a tall person's frame a long stem will drop down into the steerer, but because your frame is so small, the steerer is short. Also, the inside of the steerer gets thicker (butted). Most stems are going to stick out far. It really doesn't look that bad the way you have it now. Oh, and I saw the Pake. Good progress. I've been getting parts for my Hutch bmx. Still have the chrome Ideor road frame, but in no hurry.


i used to have the lowered stem...but that was when i did not know a whole lot about parts. i regret not leaving it on now. yea its not tht bad right now. And thank you about the pake. yea i just need the rim set, tires, tubes, nd cut the fork nd starnut installed. then i would be riding that for now on.

You can also get plugs...

that will cover up the braze on holes for free at your LBS. They use them sometimes on the new bikes. The rubber plugs are usually black. I want to obscure them a bit more, yet be able to remove the material later if need be. Ended up using tub sealant I had around the house. The first application sank in a bit. After the second application, it'll be flush. Then I'll touch it up with nail polish. I wouldn't dream of modifying a classic frame, although I do have Harry Quinn frame that was given to me already modified. That's another story.


i hear u. Did the tub sealant come out as u planned though and wouldn't the nail polish be noticeable a bit. I dont want to modify this frame cause its a very nice frame and it will just look all weird if i do, so i just did the basics on this one.

On a classic lugged frame...

even the idea of powdercoating bothers me because it's so thick that the lug work gets obscured. I saved up and had my 1962 Schwinn Paramount track frame restored by Bilenky Cycle Works. I got the original decals from Waterford. Frame was clearcoated and the chrome Nervex lugs were pinstriped gold. Stephen and his crew did a wonderful job. I need to build that one up. Using fingernail polish to touch up a Kilo frame doesn't bother me. Black nail polish will blend in just fine on black paint.

tht sounds

like a wonderful frame. Yea i doubt people will go up to ur bike and notice the black nail polish.

I just wished the Kilo...

didn't have so many brazed on bosses, but some people like to mount stuff onto their frames.


i knw wat u mean my friend has a kilo and it has a lot of them

That's why I got a Pake

Sold it right after I built it. With B43s, it felt like a tank. It's a good looking frame though, just heavy. The colors are nice too. When I got my Pake, they only had black.


i cant wait till i get my Pake too i like how they look. Gonna get the blue with a black straight fork. Wat frame did u get thoguh?

It's a practical frame...

not going to dent easily, so good for locking up. Just be aware of tactics bike thieves use nowadays. I like the blue ones. The Pake I had was the black one. It had the water bottle bosses back then, whereas the present frames don't have them anymore. Right now, I'm building up a Harry Quinn pursuit track, Simonetti track, and the Kilo TT with the tub sealant and nail polish. We'll see how they come out. Good luck on your build.


thts the frame im gnna get as well but wit a black fork. Cant wait to c ur biulds and how thy come out to be. Good luck on ur build too.

That frameset...

is badass. Save up for a cheap Kilo TT (lighter tubing) or a Pake (heavier) frame instead and keep the Ideor CLASSIC OLD SCHOOL. Both Kilo and Pake have tight track geometry. If you lack patience, however, disregard my advice.


ima get myself a new Pake frame soon im gonna keep this frame i dnt want to sell it since its a vintage

Pakes are...

quite a bit heavier than the Kilos. The reason is Pakes have straight gage (thick straight through) 4130 or Tange tubing while Kilos have double butted (thinner in the middle) Reynolds 520 tubing. Heavier tubing can slow you down. A concern if you are into alley cats. I'm building up a black Kilo now. It came with flat crowned track forks. Just gonna cover up the bottle cage, rack, and brake holes with silicone and touch up with black finger nail polish.


i will think into tht more...although i do want to challenge myself a bit XD but yea thts cool lol silicon and nail polish hey wat evr works tht wat i say.

Ideor Track Bike

To give you a better idea (no pun intended) of the frame you got there, check out this bit of information.
Also just Google Image search Ideor Bicycles and you'll see.
Good Luck!

Frame seems alittle small

Frame seems alittle small for you based off the seatpost/stem exposure

You may have switched out

You may have switched out you seat, but it still looks at a wack angle no matter what....


well like i said im still saving up for better parts since that seat post u cant even fix the angle, the old owner had it in a crappier condition than u can imagine.

Seat angle

How come can you not change the seat angle? If it's really the case, you should pick up any other seatpost. It shouldn't necessarily be a great one, just one that works properly.


i am gonna buy another seat post for it. The seat post on it right now is one of the older Campagnolo models of the seat post. But yea, i will look into buying a better seat post.

Older Campagnolo Seatposts...

are tricky to adjust. There is a wrench that Campagnolo used to make that is specifically for adjusting the two seatpost bolts. Since I don't have a wrench like that, I use different wrenches to get in there. If you get a Brooks Swallow saddle which has the rails more exposed, you'll have easier access to the bolts. Also such a saddle would be more period correct for your Ideor.


will look into tht thank u for explaining how to adjust it.

No problem


Arnt those rare frame like

Arnt those rare frame like only one track frame made in the world by that compainy



not that rare, I believe

but this is what happens when somebody gets a far-too-nice frame for their first f1xi3...


i bought it off one of my cousins friends. He spray painted everything, literally everything, a crappy shade of mustard yellow (not the yellow thats on it right now). And also i got it for a bargain.....


enjoy it




well dont even criticize because you dnt even have a bike to show on here. Pshhh no-life.

I don't care, its the

I don't care, its the internet, I say what I please

did you really...

spraypaint those campy pista cranks? A million hapless collectors just cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.


they were alrdy spraypainted over. Ima buy some paint remover to take it off, so dont worry.

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