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Eddy Merckx track Campagnolo group

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Eddy Merckx Molteni / 58 c-c top tube


Merckx , Campagnolo

Campagnolo Omega 19 / Sheriff star

Campagnolo Omega 19 / Sheriff star

Campagnolo pista / Campagnolo record

Selle san marco concor supercorsa

Campagnolo / HKK


For sale
Email = [email protected]

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feel free to email me a better pic to work with

but for now, this one's a little better[email protected]/5596863424/sizes/l/in/photostream/

rename your image

you might wanna rename your image, and re upload.
it's currently pulling in an image (of a colnago) that happen to have the same file name as your merckx

Shit you are quick. I was

Damn you are quick. I was wondering what the hell is going on. I always have issues with this site.

white balance is out of adjustment (IMHO)

there seems to be alot of blue in that first pic, so it makes the frame look like a burnt orange rather thn molteni. i'd recommend doing some color hue adjustment. i can do it for you, if you like.
pls, disregard my comment if you feel current color is correct. 8-D


wish i had a better jpg to work with,
...well, this is what i got so far[email protected]/5594393726/sizes/l/in/photostream/

Nice I like it. I have way

Nice I like it. I have way better angle pics but I cant figure this site out when it comes to posting pics.

it's not all that difficult to figure out

your pictures have to have unique names, that's all. the best way to ensure that is to start with your user ID (no spaces allowed). you uploaded pictures with the following names:


somebody has already uploaded pictures with these names, so you're out of luck. rename the pictures you want to upload something like this:


you can see how unlikely it is that someone has already uploaded pictures with these names. then just replace your existing uploads with the renamed pictures. then we can all enjoy them, because that is an awesome-looking bike!


Ebay this shit and get your money Dirk... Thats who will pay top $$$.. What ever happened to your Makino, Where was that sent to?? This Merckx is fire and I know how much energy you put into it... Everything is perfect and should sale with ease your asking price on ebay.. Worse case part it and def get your money..

Its actually on ebay right

Its actually on ebay right now. I part out the Makino I forgot where the frame went, Washington maybe. He just conctacted me about this frame. Thanks for the kind words.

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