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Pogliaghi SPX/56 / 90's

3ttt "Gimondi", 3ttt

Pogliaghi/ Campagnolo Chorus

Campagnolo Zonda 16R/ Vittoria Rubino Pro

Campagnolo Zonda 16R/ Vittoria Rubino Pro

Campagnolo Chorus

Turbo/ Campagnolo Chorus

Shimano XT/ Shram

Campagnolo Chorus ergopower 8x

Campagnolo Chorus

13-25/ x 50/42

sadly the frame broke on the down tube yesterday while working - no accident, just cracked...

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Beautiful bicicli. Have the

Beautiful bicicli. Have the same Chorus group on my Chas Roberts. Do you know what year it is? Sub-'93?

sorry quixoticle

not answering sooner! The group is from 1993 I guess...

Another Rossin Pogliaghi?

Your Pogliaghi, like my TT, was in all probability built by Mario Rossin. That paint job certainly gives it away. Nothing wrong with that. He is without a doubt one of the great underappreciated masters. Maybe in another 5 or twenty years. Enjoy the ride.


Thank you for bringing this in! I red that in the 80's Poliaghi was owned by Rossin. If you look at this picture you can see how similar the design is;
So probably the frame of my bike is older?


Sante Pogliaghi built frames without a jig! What a gangster!

gangster -

actually an italian master frame builder - but interesting that you bring this up, i have also read this line somewhere. Also the highly skillful Emiliano Freschi had been the chief builder / engineer for Sante Pogliaghi, before establishing his own bicycle brand Freschi,
btw as already said this will be a Pogliaghi built by/under Marc Rossin, but actually the name (Pogliaghi) was then sold in the 90' to the Basso brothers, nonetheless a beautiful bicycle.

kindest regards Ravi



Interesting toptube

Veni vidi vici.

yes, it's a winner!

The tubes are special -reminds me of the Colnago master frames.

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