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Pake C'Mute - summer commuter/tourer

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Tange butted OS steel / 54 sloping / 2010?

45cm Nitto Randonneur / 100mm Soma Shotwell

Tange / IRD Technoglide

4x / 36h Shimano Deore / Mavic MA3 / 32c Panaracer Pasela TG

4x / 36h Shimano Deore / Mavic MA3 / 32c Panaracer Pasela TG

172.5mm Sugino XD500T / 107mm IRD QB-55

Cardiff Cornwall / 27.2mm Soma-branded Kalloy

Shimano PD-M540 / 9spd Shimano

Shimano BS-77 9spd barends / IRD Alpina-T FD; Shimano Deore RD

IRD 'Cafam' / Soma-branded Tektro

9spd Shimano 11-32 / Sugino 48-36-24 / Nitto 33R rear rack; Ostrich canvas panniers and saddlebag

New bike yaaaayy! All the parts came from my shop or from Merry Sales. Cost me about eight hundred in total, so I probably could just have well bought a LHT but I wouldn't trade that for this opportunity to build my own.

This Pake is to replace my 72 Fuji Finest for touring etc duties this summer. I retire the Finest with resigned pragmatism; the friction shifting was a pain, the frame flexed and wobbled under load, adjusting anything was an ordeal, etc. Sold the Finest with sadness, though I don't regret it.

This C'Mute weighs in at 26.25 pounds, but is a pleasure to ride. It's a very useful bike to own, and I'm glad to be able to carry heavy/large stuff around comfortably.

The sizing was a little weird; these frames have relatively long top tubes even for sloping frames. I chose the 54cm frame, which has a 57cm effective top tube. I didn't even cut the steerer tube. I probably could be riding the 56cm frame with a shorter stem, but I feel happy with the fit I have. Plus chode stems are ftl.

6/22/11 update: added Nitto bars, Cardiff leather tape, Nitto rear rack, Ostrich panniers. Hammered Honjo fenders to be fitted when I can find the time.

September 2012: Wow I've owned this for way too long and have ridden it way too little. Finally, pics of the honjo fenders and a ride decent enough to merit new photos. Angled the hoods up a bit more, I've been all about that lately. Took a little trip to the bay to visit an old coworker, got to ride around in the Berkeley/Oakland hills for a day. Really enjoyed it. Good some stinkeyes from a few Berkleyites for my Davis kit, sorryimnotsorry

Still wanting some Jack Browns to replace the Paselas.


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Added to Pack mules cluster

And it's been a year; did you get the fenders on yet?

heh thanks eaglerock

yeah I did actually. I did a trial run with installing undrilled Tanaka fenders on the Fuji Finest first, so the Honjo installation was a breeze. I need to get some new pics up, oh and then like actually ride the damn thing too. Hopefully my dad and I will get another tour in this summer.

leather bar tape

how do you find the cardiff leather tape? have you ridden it in the rain much?

very cool, makes me want to post my dawes super galaxy!

leather tape

I rode it in a light rain once; it got wet and I was a little worried but it didn't fall apart on me or anything. I'll keep ya updated as the year goes on.

The leather tape is comfortable, offering some shock absorption but still is nice and firm. Not as plush as Cinelli or Deda tape, but I think it's going to last longer and it looks a whooole lot cooler.

And yes, please do post it! I very much like your Raleigh rig as well.

I love the spacers. LOVE.

I love the spacers. LOVE.

thanks s_d!

the alternating black and silver worked out just perfectly what with the cable guide, stem, steerer length and top cap. Figured it had to be done. Plus the stripes slim down the ridiculous stack a little bit. When I had it all silver spacers it was like WAAAUWWWNGH

That's cool. I would do it

That's cool. I would do it if the crosscheck wasn't "murdered out"(well, besides the white hoods and tape)


Actually I did read it.


to you too. HOW IS THE CROSSCHECK>@>!?!??!1

going to maybe get a job at

going to maybe get a job at a bike shop tomorrow and I'm gonna pick up the last bits I need. I've been so busy with school and my car, I've been neglecting the crosscheck :(

oooo, a bike shop job!

hope it's a good opportunity for you. Never neglect your bieks! :)

i know, i know, and thanks

i know, i know, and thanks :D

got teh job :D

got teh job :D


I'd love to hear what you think of the job after a week or two.


I am pave mint with envy


wuv u


its too bad we couldn't do more rides over the summer.

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