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Gan Well Pro

Bike tags: Track bike | Gan Well Pro | keirin | Kyoto | Zen

Gan Well Pro / 52,5cm / 2006

Nitto B123 AA / Nitto Pearl 8

Gan Well / Hatta Swan Super Deluxe

Dura Ace HB-7710 / Mavic Open Pro / Veloflex Master

Dura Ace HB-7710 / Mavic Open Pro / Veloflex Master

Sugino Grand Mighty/ Hatta R9400

Kashimax Aero / Nitto SP72 Jaquar

MKS Royal Nuevo / Daido D.I.D Racing Pro

Sugino Zen 47t / Dura Ace 15t & 16t , SunTour 17t

Made in Kyoto.


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You added this on my b-day!

You added this on my b-day! Love Gan well's.

Super nice and classic

Super nice and classic bulid, how are thoses wheels?
I love how you made it fully japnese.


wheels are not japanese. Dura Ace, Mavic, DT, Veloflex.
It has some changes coming up. Stay tuned.


It's a shame this nice NJS

It's a shame this nice NJS built track bike is not used on the track. It's pretty nice for a street/commuter.

I'm assuming it's not used on the track because no one riders gearing that low when racing (47x17, 16 or even 15)

not a shame

Thanks, anyway....

it will be used on track too with a bigger gearing. As You too may know the speed is not all about the gearing is the how you pedal. For the streets this has bigger gearing that most of the fixed gear riders use.



From today this bike is for a track use only. Perhaps I will take this to some longer road rides too, but I just finished my new bike for the streets. Pics of that later.


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