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My custom Jamis Sonik         Featured Bike! on 04/26/2011

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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Jamis Sonik / 54 / 2010

FSA Vision base bar / FSA Vision Sizemore 100mm +- 10*

HP design Aero carbon fork and steer tube/ Cane Creek

Spinergy Rev X / vittoria rubino

Mavic Ellipse 2011 / mavic / Ultra Gatorskin

FSA carbon Track / Megapipe

Fizik Arione K:1 / Jamis Carbon aero post

MKS gr-9 black / SRAM pc-1



Flip 49-16 Flop 49-15


Cant believe shes finally done,The leader is gone and this build is right at 15 lbs.
Cuts through the wind and ridiculously responsive.

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This thing is NASTY. Definitely the sickest Jamis I've ever seen.


I dont mean to call you out on this with a "fail", but I believe your chainring is in the wrong position: note where the divot is, it should lie under the crank-arm (rotated coutnerclockwise one position). Probably doesn't matter, but yeah, just lettin you know 'cause it might affect your aerodynamicism :-p

good catch

good catch


beautiful bike


dude where did you get that stand from! its awsome

bicycle sports shop uses

bicycle sports shop uses them as secondary mechanic stands, i bought one off them.

If you don't mind me asking,

If you don't mind me asking, what does a paint job like that cost? Also with the Carbon Lay print for your logos?. But you don't gotta answer me. Beautiful bike!

Nice build! Scary front

Nice build! Scary front wheel though! I've seen too many explode on the street.

How many, are too many? I

How many, are too many? I have one for about two years now, and I use it daily, nothing happened. but now im scared!!!. How many, are too many?....

there are also the new gen

there are also the new gen and old gen HUBs that are said to be the problem, the new gen hubs supposedly fixed this issue.

really, really like the

really, really like the paint job. Great work!

Thanks guys, the wheel is

Thanks guys, the wheel is sturdy man, I've had some rough rides and no flex or anything sketchy with the wheel, i know the history but its been fine for me.

The paint was cheap only due to my friend owning a automotive body shop. he would usually charge about 250-300 for a 3 stage paint job on something the size of that frame.

The carbon logos are also made by a friend's company I work with you can find them here.

Contact Jeff @ dino carbon he is the owner and you can talk to him about custom logos and graphics and im sure he can shoot you a price.

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