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Bike tags: Fixed gear
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Taiwan Unbranded NOS - Size 52 - '90s

Custom Bullhorn Handlebar

Chromed 1” Aero - Pasific Threaded

Quando - Polished Jalco 32H - 28c

Ice 6 Bolt - Polished Jalco 32H - 28c

Dotek 44T - Shimano BB

San Marco Classic Sadle - Kaloy Seat Post

KMC Chain

44T Front - 17T Rear


+62817 167 140 / 21bbb133

note : toe clip not included as picture

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oohh yeah

hey guys, i want to sell this bike, and already released the toe clip for my other bike.,after i release it then i shoot that bike., im not that kind of idiot.,but thanks anyway.,

yeah man...

...that's a good way to get yourself (and others) seriously hurt.


I really hope so.

Foot retention and no

Foot retention and no brakes?


YES!!! It is possible! I've seen it done and done it myself on many a bike (with monster gears and small too) is there some idea that it's totally impossible? Everytime someone on velospace runs brakeless with no 'foot retention' somebody harps on them. try it out, it's actually quite nice, hassle-free.

no, It's actually retarded

no, It's actually retarded


jesus, expand your mind a little. there are no rules in life

fine, enlighten me, how

fine, enlighten me, how exactly do you stop with no retention?

Duh, you jump off the bike!

Duh, you jump off the bike! But seriously you do it by bailing the saddle and throw your feet on the ground and let it drag till dead stop



Or you can just close your

Or you can just close your eyes and pray...

What if you don't believe in

What if you don't believe in god?

pray to Lickedwicked!!! or

pray to Lickedwicked!!! or to the potatospokk

LW it is

LW it is

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