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3Rensho Super Record Export

Cinelli bars Nitto NJ Pro stem

Shimano 600

HF Campagnolo record hubs, Rigida rims

HF Campagnolo record hubs, Rigida rims

Campagnolo Record cranks, Veloce bottom bracket

Campagnolo aero seatpost, Regal saddle

Dura ace pedals, toshi doubles, Acs clips, Izumi chain

47 X 17

More photos to come. I am looking at switching out the gruppo to gold.
Let me know, if you have one for sale. Thanks

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I love girls

Why did I look at the bike first?

need a drive-side pic! ;)

need a drive-side pic! ;)

you stroke how much did you

you stroke how much did you have to pay? clinton

Girl and Bike

Yes!!! If both are yours... you are a lucky dude!!!

Yea, that,s me...

And you all thought "Stinky Pete" was a guy...

I don't like her face, she

I don't like her face, she looks like a mean broad.

I like your San though son

mean look....

You'd probably look pissed off too if you had to wake up at 3am to get your hair and makeup that did so you could snap a picture at sunrise...


her shoes are all wrong!!!!


I like it

I agree with iron jaiden, I like the silver but set it up gold and lets see the pics.

BTW who is the girl?


thats what life should be all about.


So if we don't want the bike..... how much?


good one


less riding!

more poseuring!

Don't change a thing ...

Don't change a thing ... the girl or the bike ...


nice but,

get outta the way bitch!

the perfect combo

great shot+hot babe+sweet bike..


holy shit! nice bike lets

holy shit!
nice bike
lets ride when the rain stops!


i would definitely mount her.....

Uhh.. can we

Can we see her skip stop? hehe.

sweet whip.

that girl

That girl is so in the way man! If I wanted to see some chick I'd be at another site. I'm tryin to look at porn here. Porn = hot bikes, not hot girls. :)
Beautiful ride though. I'd say leave the gold for Slick Rick and love what you got here, but that's just me.

Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

Yeah I know, but thats all

Yeah I know, but thats all the images I have for now.
I will post more pics later this week.
I hear ya about the gold, I guess I am looking to change it up a bit.

sweet ride

i'd ride it.

ArlieMarshall ,puttin' up my dukes and givin' a damn.


But Can you move that gurl so i can see the bike!
How many sweet bikes are too many?

Thanks. More images to come,

More images to come, later this week.

nice getaway sticks

nice pic.....nice getaways....



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