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Chrome 1968 Paramount

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Chrome 1978-P14 Nervex lugs


Invesment casting with Campy drop / Campy SR

32H C-R /MA2

32H C-R /MA2

Campy Pista

1970 Brooks professional

Campy / BMX

Philwood 48 X 17 SAKE cut bull horn

I have always wanted to restore a vintage bike that has history and personality. This frame was found from pure luck in e-bay. The title of the listing has a typo that says "Track Bike Schwinn Parmount" frame and fork only. The pictures on the listing were scanned from photo, which did not say very much on the detail of the frame.

When it arrived from Ohio to San Francisco. I could not believe how clean it is. It look like the previous owner took a very good care of it. All the serial numbers of the frame and Nervex are still intact and clearly stamped. Surface oxidation and rust were wiped off easily with Nervdull. Also the seller was kind enough to threw in a pair of campy SR sewup wheelsets, campy headset, sake bull horn handlebar, durace track pedals, durace track bb.

This bike turn out to be a very fantastic and comfortable to ride. It is my daily going to work ride that make every morning feel like Friday!

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How much did you pay for the bike?


absolutely wonderful to look at. great job!

What a nice E bay score!

What a nice E bay score! I'm jealous.


Stunning ride - clean, simple and to the point...and those lugs.

Love the chrome. Only wish

Love the chrome. Only wish it was easier to remove the decals from my pista :(

gotcha !!

Monumental looking machine ! I was trying to think of an interesting project, that marvel of yours is just what I needed inspiration-wise. So, it'll be a chrome or cellulose painted black frame, leather saddle (I've got a modified-blunted "ideale" came off a old track bike just waiting), bars just like your's made from my leftover ITM's. I'm not prepared to go fixed wheel, so I reckon a single-speed freewheel coupled to a renickeled back pedal brake'll be right up my street. Thanks for the inspiration.

thanks! and ur

thanks! and ur welcome......
This machine is solid.


Absolutely beautiful! I used to ride a 1976 Paramount (Olympic team bike), and those things have history!

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