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Teschner Track Pro         Featured Bike! on 06/29/2011

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Teschner Track
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Teschner / 55.5 / 2005

Nitto B125 40cm / Thomson X4 110

Stock / FSA

Carbon Hoop / NA

Carbon Hoop / NA

Dura Ace 7710 172.5 / Dura Ace 7710

Fizik Arione / Stock

Dura Ace 7700 / Izumi



14, 15, 16 / 50T Dura Ace


Dedicated Track Bike

1st Flying 200M - 12.52 June 19th, 2011

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Nice first 200m attempt! On

Nice first 200m attempt! On what track was that time set, and what gearing you use?

Hellyer 49x14

Hellyer Sprint Tournament, 49x14
I had no idea what I was doing since it was my first 200m, I just muscled through it. Hopefully next time I'll learn how to take a proper line.

Awesome Frameset

How does it compare to your Cannondale?

A lot more fun and easier to

A lot more fun and easier to ride on the track than the CDale Track.

Been loving these frames for

Been loving these frames for a while now. Want a road version bad!

for a split second...

...I thought the white decals on the seat-tube were cut-outs in the frame. nice build, I'm sure you've got the frame dialed in just the way you want it.


Super niceb uild! I would spent hours in your draft since I love the sound deep dish carbon rims make on the track...
Are these some of the chinese ebay carbon rims? They get a lot of talk these days, I was aslo tempted to build up a pair.
A silver chain would be nice, but it's just a chain!

They've been holding up

They've been holding up well. I'm going to build up another set. They have 32H hoops now, so I'm going to lace them up with DA. I'm thinking about going with the 88mm lol.

Yah it does need a new chain maybe I'll go with a KMC Pink =)

wouldnt go with 32mm on 88mm

wouldnt go with 32mm on 88mm rims, spokes will be very close to eachother, the more you drill a full carbon rim the weaker it becomes, zipp stopped making their 404's in 32h for that reason a couple of years ago, 24 rear, 20 front will be more durable. if you decide on 32, 38-50mm carbon will be better.

Tighten up that chain, flip

Tighten up that chain, flip the stem and remove the spacers, regulate the handlebars so the lower part of them is horizontal and get some other pedals, and that bike is one hell of a nice bike :D

track slack

he likes his chains like he likes his women.. sick build, kmc rainbow chain ;]

thanks for the advice, but I

thanks for the advice, but I like how it's setup right now =)

Your Fit

looks spot on.

you're dumb as fuck

you're dumb as fuck



apparently you've never been on the track. modern frames are engineered to be compact. more seatpost and rising stems are needed to bring the saddle and bars to the proper height. the angle of his bars is appropriate for a natural grip. parallel bars are unergonomic requiring a bent wrist. just look at the setup of a pros' bike for comparison.

"flip the stem and remove

"flip the stem and remove the spacers"

Do NOT follow this suggestion blindly. Cutting down the fork and flipping your stem will probably put your bars too low, and once you cut things down... there is no getting back that height.

What I highly suggest is that, since you have a super nice track build here.. GET IT PROFESSIONAL FIT if you are going to be racing! It will maximize your speed and comfort on the bike and once it's fit correctly, no reasons to have to do it again.

I highly doubt someone with

I highly doubt someone with this caliber bike doesnt know how to fit one, and would go and do something really stupid like assi suggested.

By the way... contrats on

By the way... contrats on the new build. I was watching this frameset on Ebay and was soooo tempted to pick it up. Glad someone who's actually riding the track is going to be on it!


just disgusting, here! I will send my address so you can send it to me, thanks.

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