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My Kino         Featured Bike! on 06/27/2012

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 50 CM Makino NJS Keirin Track Bike | Dura Ace FC7600 Cranks | Dura Ace HB7600 Hubs | Hatta R9400 Bottom Bracket | more tags >>
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Makino / 50 cm / Dec. 2003 (Original owner/Keirin SS Class racer Tatsuo Nakai)

Nitto B-123 / Nitto Jaguar 90 mm

Makino / Hatta Swan Super Deluxe

H+Son / Dura Ace / Vittoria Zaffiro

H+Son / Dura Ace / Vittoria Zaffiro

Dura Ace FC-7600 / Hatta R9400

San Marco Concor / Miche Supertype

MKS Sylvan / HKK Vertex Blue

46x18 / Dura Ace 7710 / EAI Superstar Cog

After trying multiple types of frames I think I'll stick to NJS frames from now on, particularly Makino.

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Hello. .
Really really cool bike. .
A little question - how long are your spokes?

//Michell DK

Spokes length

Sorry it's been so long I don't remember the length but I ordered those spokes from I simply asked them to cut me spokes for H+Son formation face rims laced to dura ace track hub, radial front & 3 cross for back.

wait wait wait wait

wait wait wait wait wait...why is the front fork drilled for a brake? theres not even enough space on my makino for to safely drill (if i wanted to)

The dude I bought from

The dude I bought from didn't tell me about that, found out once it was unwrapped. It was a shame the fork got drilled, but I love the bike enough to ignore that faux pas.

is that harveston lake???

is that harveston lake???

haha.... you know it... you

haha.... you know it... you must be from T-mec too.

you still have the makino? i

you still have the makino? i just got my hands on from the area. maybe ill see you around over the summer

very nice

love the bike.. but how do you people ride these vintage saddles? really... that shit is not comfortable after 10 min... this is one area where modern science has made leaps and strides in the past 20 years... upgrade and you'll enjoy your ride 10x more.

You're spot on about the

You're spot on about the saddle. I've since switched to a San Marco Concor, it's not completely modern, but it's very comfortable and the shape makes riding a whole lot more enjoyable.

ughhhh. so ill. im diggin

ughhhh. so ill. im diggin that front wheel. thinking about getting my front dura ace re-laced. nice build

Hey thanks mang. Yeah I just

Hey thanks mang. Yeah I just thought having the front wheel laced radially adds a little interest to the bike. BTW very nice Bridgestone, looks crazy devilish.



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