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Cinelli Mash 2010 GREEN with my grey one

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Cinelli Mash/53cm/2010

Deda Velocita 40/ Deda Zero100 Servizio Corse 90mm

Cinelli Carbon, Integrated

Neuvation c38 Tubular. 500 grams.

Neuvation tubular/american classic hub/Tufo hi composite carbon tubular tire or HED 3 2011

Campy Record Pista 49t

Selle San Marco Concor Light team rep/ Deda zero100

MKS nuevo track, mks cages, SAG double straps, kmc chain

18t Euro Asia

haters gonna hate. if u hating.

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I'm in Chicago I think I've

I'm in Chicago I think I've seen you on the green mash at critical mass. I like the histogram btw

yea ived seen ur fuji in

yea ived seen ur fuji in critical mass.
i have the green mash/grey one a bianchi pista concept and the new histogram. il be rocking this new mash at this mass :D

Yeah that's nice man say hi

Yeah that's nice man say hi next time haha. I hope to make it to mass this month before the harsh cold weather comes

Lol sure will. Il be looking

Lol sure will. Il be looking out for your fuji.

charge ur

charge ur fone!!!!!!!!!!!122205


Hey bruv, whats ur hight.. still not sure 50cm or 53 cm better for me. Im only 56. Ez

Im 5.9.. I say go for a 50cm

Im 5.9.. I say go for a 50cm cuzz this one is a 53 for me..but yeap 50cm should work for ya


nice bikes...

how are u the nuevo tracks on your feet?

Pretty comfortable and nice

Pretty comfortable and nice fit I like them

For a velodrome only bike

For a velodrome only bike get clipless!!!!!!!!

Yesir I do have clipless for

Yesir I do have clipless for the track...just havent updated lol lazy

2011 Mash

do what you do but I personally would have waited for the 2011 Mash frame if I were gonna rock 2 mash frames. The 2011 Mash is slightly different than the current models but to each his own. I love my Mash frame and do wanna try out the new one but we'll see...

Yea the new.cinelli...i pre

Yea the new.cinelli...i pre ordered it too....cant wait for it...and yes there is a difference with the new cant wait ;) I love my bikes. Also planin to make cinelli a track beast to

Shit. THREE Mash frames?!

Shit. THREE Mash frames?! That is absurd! You know there are FAR superior track frames on the market? Hell... for the price of these three frames, you could have bought a Cervelo T3 or some high-end carbon track frame! The new Mash is priced at 950 bucks. For just another 1-2 hundred bucks you could have got a Cervelo T1, which is probably one of the nicest made aluminum track frames on the market!

Or keep one Mash, and buy a real nice set of deep carbon track wheels... instead of several of the exact same frame.

By the way, all that changed on the new MASH is 1.5 degree change on the head-tube and a 4mm shorter chainstay... and a fancy paintjob. You're basically painting out the ass for a non-custom China paintjob.

2 legs for 3 Mashes

I don't get it. What entices you to build 3 of the same frame? You probably won't even feel a difference with the new geo on the 2011. Do you really not have anything to do with all that money? Donate it to the Red Cross instead and help Japan.

I can always sell one of the

I can always sell one of the 2010 ones... and talkin about ur concern about japan..i did donate money cause of wat happened to japan...was sad...anyways not changin the topic since we are on forums about bikes not japan...yeap.....

Ummmm. Two MASH'S.

Ummmm. Two MASH'S. Uhhhh...

Well... at least I can say is, I'm glad you're actually riding the track.

Having just one bike for street and track is not too difficult. All you have to do is swap to race wheels and drops for track use.

The green one has light

The green one has light conponents and like to keep it that way than sawpin and swapin out parts lol.but yea I love my bikes

My brain is melting

My brain is melting



chain is off cuzz didnt have

chain is off cuzz didnt have a cog on the rear wheel but now i do will update with a new picture later

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