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Canonndale weight weenie

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3.0 SC800 Cannondale / 56cm / 1991

Zipp SL / Alpha Q prolite

Easton EC90SL 1inch / Chris King

Velomax / KOM / Tufo S3 pro

Velomax / KOM / Tufo S3 pro

Kcnc K-type RD2

Meark full carbon / Kcnc ti proe lite

Xpedo Thrust mag-Ti / KMC

Dura-Ace 7900 SIS (cut) / Dura-Ace 7900 (Tuned with hand drill and Ti parts)

Origin8 Pro Force Torq-Lite II 204gr / Modolo (tuned)

Cassette-Recon 11-25 / Cables/House--Jagwire/Alligator Ilink

replace the bolts in the

replace the bolts in the bottle holder mounts you don't use with some nylon plugs ;D

Drill your seatpost crank

Drill your seatpost crank arms and stem while your at it!


no latex tubes?

cross-chaining. other than

cross-chaining. other than that, looks good man


The cross-chaining is just how all of my bikes sit to keep the cables relaxed


I drilled the shifters at frst but unforchantly I did it a bit uneven with the hand drill. To me that looked much worse but Im still going to get some new 7800 (dt) shifters and give it another go because I like long levers and love friction shifting and the new 7900 is SIS only.

don't screw up!

Dura-Ace shifters aren't exactly cheap or better make sure you know what you're doing if you're going to take a hand drill to gem-like parts like these again. Either that or go for the more aerodynamic and naturally better-looking style and don't drill at all.

playing devil's advocate

BTI carries them in stock and most bike shops are dealers for them. pretty sure they're still currently in production.


Shimano screwed up on that release, I too was disappointed to find that the 10sp barend was index-only. ...The matte shifter pods are sure nice though; currently trying out running DT-7700 on 7900 pods, hah! Do you have a personal drill press for doing all of this work?

Can't stop staring :

I can't stop staring at the FD-7900 and it being drilled out. I can't tell if I am impressed or just flabbergasted.!? But yeah, well done in terms of the weight on an early nineties c'dale. Thanks for sharing

you should drill the tires

you should drill the tires too to save some rotational weight:)



cut shifters?

That's an impressively light bike, but I think it would have been well worth the extra 10 grams to not cut the shifters.

its making me lightheaded

But I agree, cutting the shifters, no doubt less than 10g, must be personal preference here (personally i like to grab the tops, not to mention prefer the look - uncut) and also begs the question why not tune some DA sti's? Crazy light bike like this may destabilize at high speed while youre reaching for the shift to those stubbies and just fly away out from under you.

Not hating tho actually really really digging the build. And oh man the paint...

Awesome color! Awesome

Awesome color!
Awesome build!

I always thought these frames were incredible for their age.

Wonderful color, that.

Wonderful color, that.

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