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Cobra Cycles Flat Track Racer (fastest bike on velospace)

Bike tags: Track bike | board track racer | Custom | engine | motorized
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Custom / Suzuki


26x2.5 / Quando / Fat Frank

26x2.5 / Quando / Fat Frank



Schwinn / #41

CVT transmission

Avid bb7

I have spent the past 6 months making this from scratch in my kitchen (literally in my kitchen). This bike has a top speed in the high 60's low 70's, I let off the throttle at 65ish I got kinda scared

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It is a motorcycle

Nicely done. These steampunky boardtrack motorbikes are becoming rather popular. They are motorcycles though. This is a bicycle site!

Are there

pegs to throw your feet on at speed or do they stay on the pedals? This thing is sick...sort of like a beefed up path racer/cafe racer. Digging it!

Nope no pegs. The racers

Nope no pegs. The racers would just keep their feet on the pedals.



I just laughed out loud.

I just laughed out loud. But, I mean, let's be honest, it's pretty sweet. And the fact that you built it yourself is really impressive, so nice work. Is there a point to having pedals though? The thing probably weighs at least sixty lbs.

This bike is a tribute to

This bike is a tribute to the old board track / flat track racers of the 20's. Back then they used to pedal them to get them started. I recommend youtubing board track racer they are fascinating bikes.

Ah, okay. That makes sense.

Ah, okay. That makes sense. Neato

wow, thats it, wow..omg

wow, thats it, wow..omg

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