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Dodici Special - FOR SALE

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Dodici Special / 55cm / 2011

Profile Design Cobra Wing 40cm / Newbaum's Cotton Tape / Thomson X2 +/- 17° 100mm

Dodici / Chris King Sotto Voce

Reynolds Recon / Vittoria Rubino Pro / Continental Race Light

Reynolds Recon / Vittoria Rubino Pro / Continental Race Light

SRAM Omnium 165mm / Chris King GXP

Selle Italia SLR Carbon/Ti / Thomson Masterpiece / Thomson Collar

Suntour Superbe Pro / MKS Fit-Alpha Sport Doubles / All-City Clips / HKK Vertex

Sugino Zen 48t / EAI Superstar 17t


Very impressed with this frame. Well-constructed, perfectly aligned, and a lovely powdercoat to boot. Light, stiff, and responsive. There is no overlap with 165mm cranks and M clips.

I didn't care for the loud "DODICI" branding--the folks at Dodici were kind enough to let me pick the logo schema.

If you have the patience, I believe it's worth the wait. A word of caution, however: some of the sizing charts floating around are inaccurate.

Reynolds logos on the wheels are coming off soon, and I'll be upgrading to clipless.

Happy riding.

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nice nice, dude i got a

nice nice,

dude i got a question

iam 1,83 heigh and my inseam is 83cm, so i should take a 55cm frame or 53cm frame?

Best advice would be to get

Best advice would be to get fitted at your LBS. There are more factors to think about than simply height and inseam.

Sounds like a 53cm might be too small for you, but it's hard to say. Good luck!

Hey man Build looks

Hey man

Build looks awesome

Just built a Special up myself and am looking to throw on some Omniums

Did the BB that comes with them work?
If not, what size spindle length are you running?


Thanks, man. Yep, as long as

Thanks, man. Yep, as long as you get the Omniums designed for a 68mm BB shell, you shouldn't have any problem fitting the GXP BB that came with them. I just decided to upgrade to the King BB for reduced drag and a smoother feel.

Be sure to post some shots of your Special when it's done!

Happy riding.

I tried to install the

I tried to install the Omniums and they wouldn't fit
Bike shop couldn't get them to work either

The crank arm as well as the chainring weren't even close to clearing the chainstay

I've seen a few Specials running the Omniums with no problems
Wonder why they won't fit for me

That sucks, man. What size

That sucks, man. What size is your frame? How long are your crank arms and what's the size of your chain ring?

Mine have about 4mm of clearance.


just ridin beside that this bike would make my day yo.....its like im lookin at a clean Prostitute yo lol

nice build your self

love the aggressiveness, was thinking of the gara for myself

Thanks, man. I was

Thanks, man. I was considering the gara as well, it was a tough decision. I'm glad I took a chance on the's a blast to ride.

Now that's a thing of

Now that's a thing of beauty!

amazing build! awesome job

amazing build! awesome job man.

I just keep returning to

I just keep returning to this bike - it is simply amazing, inspiring even, lol. I am considering as whether or not to order one of these in a year or so to replace my '06 FTP. This being said, what was the process like? Where you custom-fitted and had the sizings sent to Italy?

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for the kind words! It was an easy process--just started a dialog with Dodici and ordered online once they answered all of my questions. They were very accommodating and pleasant to deal with.

My measurements fit the 55cm well, so I didn't need a custom-sized frame. I believe they'll make a frame to your specs if you need one, but it takes a bit more time.

They originally suggested a size that would have been far too small for me, so rather than depend on them for sizing advice I'd recommend getting fit at your LBS and using their frame measurements to decide which one suits you best.

It would be a great replacement for your FTP. Go for it!

Lead time?

I noticed you say "if you have the patience, it's worth the wait." How long did you wait for your special? I have one on order right now and its been about a month and a half since I ordered. No word yet.

I think it depends on the

I think it depends on whether they have your size in stock and the queue in front of you. I waited approximately 4 months.


Is the sizing different from most bikes? I was told by a rep that I should get a bike size 47, which is waaaay smaller than I usually ride. I usually ride 51-53, I am short(5'3) but those bikes size bikes always seem to be a great fit for me. Any help would be great. Thanks

51-53 seems kinda big for a

51-53 seems kinda big for a person your height. I'm about 5'8 and I ride a 53cm Pista. I was advised to go with a 49 (for a veloce) which I was hesitant to go with at first. However, I noticed that top tube length of my 53 Bianchi was the same as the 49. Measure the top tube length on a bike that is comfortable for you and compare that to Dodici's sizing

I'm not sure why the sizing

I'm not sure why the sizing advice from Dodici has been so off base. The same thing happened to me as well as several others...standover height is a little higher due to the sloping top tube, but that's about it. My 55 measures 55cm (seat tube) x 55.5cm (top tube). My advice would be to go with your usual size. If you're between sizes, err on the smaller side. Good luck!

pretty ass build! looks alot

pretty ass build! looks alot better without the logos too.

i have almost the same setup as you (minus wheels) lol those cobra wings sure are comfy

another special, yeah. added

another special, yeah. added your bike to the "dodici special"-cluster (

this is tits. word to the

this is tits.

word to the wise, white tires are a softer compound than black, so once that black center strip is worn through id swtich to black.

ive found that vittoria randos last the longest, and wear the most evenly.

and where the hell did you get omniums with a black chainring?

He is right. Colored tires

He is right. Colored tires are a different rubber compound and wear faster.

Vitoria Rando's are only good if you're into pointless skidding. Judging by the extent of this guy to build a super lightweight bike (Thomson Masterpiece, Reynolds wheels, etc)... putting 500+ gram tires on those light rims... that is foolish!

Go with some lightweight Continental tires. Depending on the condition of the roads in your city, you can be the judge of how light you want to go. I've rode the SuperSonics for months on the streets with NO flats, but others are not so lucky. The new ATTACK & GP FORCE seem really nice. I've had great experience with GP 4000s and the GP 4-Seasons for winter tires, but still super lightweight and durable. Gatorskins I find too heavy.

Yes indeed. Unfortunately I

Yes indeed. Unfortunately I have a commute that takes me over some poor roads and crushed granite. Not ideal. I'm working to find a balance between durability and weight while maintaining performance.

Picked up the Rubinos cheaply and thought they'd serve my purpose until I found a better solution. Never considered having them around for long. I've had pretty good luck with Contis in the past, I've been looking at the Attack/Force combo as replacements.

Thanks! The white Rubinos

Thanks! The white Rubinos are just for fun, they'll be worn through soon enough.

And yup, the chainring is a Sugino Zen, swapped in with Sugino chromed steel bolts.

Thats not the original

Thats not the original chainring, its a Sugino

This is truly a

This is truly a breath-taking build. How do you like the Cobrawings?

Thanks so much! I really

Thanks so much! I really enjoy the cobra wing, the bends are in the right places and the flat part is a comfortable palm rest. It's very light and just a hint of flex when sprinting on the horns. Much like a hard saddle, small changes in angle make a big difference in comfort. A great bar.

really nice A+ TO YOU MY

really nice A+ TO YOU MY GOOD MAN

By far the best Dodici build

By far the best Dodici build I've seen yet. Really perfect, all around. You went all-out on this build, and it really shows. Even little things like the Masterpiece and the black/black King headset. Nice.

Personally, I would ditch the Reynolds stickers, and also the little blue ones by the valves. While you're at it, ditch the yellow valve caps too. They do nothing and are pointless.

If you've never rode clipless... do it for sure. It's much more efficient and gives you more power.

This is really silly and mainly for looks... but check out the Sugino Torx chainring bolts in black. I would personally swap out the silvers one for black on those cranks/chainring.

Thank you very much! I

Thank you very much! I appreciate your eye for detail. I'll check out the Sugino Torx bolts, thanks for the heads-up. And to be honest I had forgotten those little yellow end caps that came with the Contis were on there...they're definitely out of place. I've only had a clipless setup on my mtb before, you are completely right about the power transfer. Time atac xs carbons soon.

really amazing job

really amazing job


What color is this? A custom one, or one of the standard colors?
Best special i've seen yet. Keep the reynolds logos and get a pair of black tires!

Thanks very much! It is a

Thanks very much! It is a standard color, gunmetal gray. Quality of the powdercoat is excellent, it has an almost liquid look to it in some lights. And yes, the white tires are temporary, just for fun. Cheers.


nicest dodici special i've ever seen. great built !!

Looks awesome! Keep the

Looks awesome! Keep the Reynolds logos!

Thanks! Still on the fence

Thanks! Still on the fence about the logos...going for an understated look.

Logos vs. tires

If you keep the white tires, you should keep the stickers as well, they match very nice.

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