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Slimer the bareknuckle

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Bareknuckle | chicago | green as f*&K | King | more tags >>
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52cm eai Bareknuckle

White azonic risers chopped, thomson elite

BK, Chris king

white aerospoooooke

White deep v laced to phil

Sugino 75

thomson elite, White rolls

Huge bike crush.

Huge bike crush.

love that

first pic. killer.


lovin' green! that was my

lovin' green! that was my first choice - then i changed my mind last minute! nice build!

ube - icecream - fixie!


how did u cut your oury's? Which bar end caps are on your bars.


are the lock i right? or am i right?


lock ons

only comes in black...


now all you need is a blunt...


green+white wins

green+white wins


Hot bike, clean color combo!

it funny I was looking at

it funny I was looking at you bike yesterday and thinking it was really cool right before I posted my frame for sale.
enjoy the concept>

saw your bike parked in

saw your bike parked in front of the handlebar on tuesday, looking good.


I work there, holla and we'll ride!

I love Slimer.

Dan, your bike is amazing.

your chain

where can i find a white chain?

white bmx chains. Search

white bmx chains. Search everywhere online and ebay, youll find it easily

kmz makes one for . they

kmz makes one for . they come in five or six colors.


You should stick a Nickelodeon sticker somewhere on the bike . Eh ? That would be funny . Ha, Remember that show on Nickelodeon, Salute Your Shorts ? Ha, or Are You Afraid Of The Dark ? Classics .

Anyways, your color looks better than my pistachio booger color .

Seriously!!!! A rad orange

Seriously!!!! A rad orange nickelodeon sticker. hahha


Did you Paint your bike yourself if so how or where?

Nope. Powdercoated at a shop

Nope. Powdercoated at a shop

you wernt kidding! if your

you wernt kidding!

if your ever in seattle well take pictures.

those wheels in the background!

Radical!! Would love to see Slimer set up with those green wheels in the background.

white azonic risers

How do you like the azonic risers? Any way you could stick a detail shot of them up?

love 'em. got a pair of

love 'em. got a pair of nittos that havent been used for a while due to my azonics coming in. I think they may be collecting dust for a while. When I get some time Ill take some more shots- but the bars are awesome!

Awesome! White risers would

Awesome! White risers would go great with my setup, so I've had them bookmarked for a while. Temporarily I've got some purple dumpster risers clamped in, and even those have put my B123's away for a while.

super fly!

now powder coat youe cranks white .....that would be sher prefection
but looks hella good as is

seriously!!! I was thinkin

seriously!!! I was thinkin the same thing. thanks!

otter pop?

reminds me of the green otter pops... great paint!

hahaha hell ya!!! the old

hahaha hell ya!!! the old guy with the burly mustache and glasses

Have you ever noticed the

Have you ever noticed the other otter is holding that little girl otter with an unusual look? Creepy.

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