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07 Affinity Marta

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Affinity Marta Small (51-53cm) 2007

RB-021/ritchey stem

Affinity/Ritchey Logic 1" Threadless

700c Spin Trispoke clincher/ Specialized Tri Spoke clincher

Chub Hub to Velocity Deep V

Cheapy SRAM

San Marco Concor Super Corsa in Suede/ Kalloy 26mm

MKS sylvans/ All-City double cages/ Inox S10 stainless steel


This build is still in the works. Looking for the right thomson stem, dura ace crankset in silver, and selling the front spin trispoke to complete my chub hub set. As for the seatpost, it's hard finding a 26mm seatpost other than Kalloy. I hate that the Marta models came with a 26mm seat tube! Also sourcing a nice 1" threadless headset.

UPDATE: picked up a specialized tri spoke for a bit more functionality

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Your chain

How is the INOX S10?

Trispoke is on backwards

Trispoke is on backwards

no it isn't you douche. The

no it isn't you douche. The bladed edge is appropriately facing the correct direction...

Think of it as an airplane

Think of it as an airplane wing. And also the valve is on driveside. Douche.


how much for the spin? hit me up

Thomson makes the Elite

Thomson makes the Elite seatpost is over 40 different sizes... however, they don't make a 26.0. That is sooooo odd of a size. They do make a 25.0 and 25.4. I wonder if you could get a shim made.

Silver DA cranks and chainring would look great on this build. As for a nice 1" headset, I would say of course a Chris King or a Cane Creek 100.

I've always found Chub Hubs terribly ugly and distracting on nice builds.

I was thinking about

I was thinking about shimming a 25.4 seatpost, but some people strongly advise against it. I've seen shims made specifically for this, but another concern I have is having the shim get stuck in the seat tube as reflected from a little research.

I'm pretty set on a chris king headset, but waiting to see if a used one comes up on craigslist just to save me some money.

As for chub hubs, you either love them or hate them. I've had dura ace hubs in the past and wanted to try something different. At first I couldn't stop staring at the monstrosity, but after awhile it grows on you.

I believe shims have a lip

I believe shims have a lip on them some they dont slide all the way into the seat tube so the shim is where the clamp area is


Really like the chub. I have a friend with one. At first he was the butt of all jokes but soon enough people developed a definite unspoken respect for the biggest hub in the group

big hubs

You know what they say about big hubs...

They usually have shorter

They usually have shorter spokes.

You know what they say about big hubs...

short spokes?

shorter spokes

Yes! =)

Chub Hubs are...

surprisingly light and they make for a really stiff wheel.



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