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Bianchi Super Pista 2010 HalloWeiner MasterPimp

Bike tags: Fixed gear
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Cinelli Lux 40cm + Cinelli Cork Tape / Deda Zero 100

Bianchi AluCarbon / Cane Creek

Campagnolo Neutron / Vittoria Rubino

Aerospoke raw / Vittoria Rubino

Sugino Messenger Arms + FSA Chainring + Bolts / Sugino

Fizik Aliante TEST / USE Suspension Post

MKS GR-9 + Zefal half-clips / KMC

Campagnolo Centaur / Profile Designs Aero

White Industries ENO Trials 72T

Built over a year.

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dumbest shit i've ever seen

dumbest shit i've ever seen

This roadie wants to thank

This roadie wants to thank all you guys for a hilarious bicycle education. Had to research below to work out what you were talking about. Made me laugh till it hurt.

Looks cool to me

ATB I think this bike is attractively done.The colors blend well and I like the way its presented.The Aerospoke looks nice,why blast the wheel he chose,and so he likes a suspended seat post.Everybody has their own idea of a cool bike.We build these bikes as a testament of our own artistic ideas of what we like.His chain is slack,but why people jump on a guys bike build like a pack of assholes is beyond me. It may not fit in your ideas but he likes it.I applaud anyone who isn't afraid to think out of the"fixed gear" box and build a bike his way.


There is a difference between hating and pointing out mistakes. The fact that there are many mistakes and therefore lots of criticism does not mean that everyone is hating. Of course, you can say that one can do whatever he wants with his bike but at the same time everyone has right to tell him it's stupid or wrong.

Ok, Aerospoke is always hated without a clear reason but you really can't defend suspension seatpost on a track frame, drilling alu Cinelli bars and plastic pedal cages without straps.



sick fixie brah.

sick fixie brah.

unfortunately you can't buy class.

way to drill Cinelli bars and rock plastic half clips on a fixed with a slack chain.

dont die. if that doesn't kill you your suspension post will. nice job.

edit: didnt bother to read

edit: didnt bother to read you components list and i figured anyone dumb enough to rock a chain line that slack, and a suspension post would have a fixie.

a suspension post? wtf?

a suspension post? wtf?

No need to be a douche, sir.

live and let live.

Posted By: Joshua A. C. Newman: "I think it had some sort of duck rabies or something. That duck wasn't right."


Is this Pengy v2.0


Great color scheme, nice stem + handlebar combo (except for the drilling), front wheel and... and those are all the positives. That's the problem - if a build sucks from A to Z, you just yawn or laugh and move on. But if you see someone ruining a bike that has some potential, you feel disappointed.

Would i build this bike?

I'll give you that the freewheel is a little weird. THAT SAID, Its his bike, let him ride it how he wants. there is a difference between giving criticism and giving yourself and interweb handjob. be nice-ish friends.

Posted By: Joshua A. C. Newman: "I think it had some sort of duck rabies or something. That duck wasn't right."

Haha. I did not even notice

Haha. I did not even notice it was a single-speed with a freewheel. Not to mention, a SUPER SUPER low gear ratio! What is that... like, 42/18? I can see riding that low of a gearing on fixed gear in San Francisco, but on a single speed around DC? You can top out at around 5mph!

Nobody has commented on the

Nobody has commented on the sissyspension post

Weiner yes, pimp not

Weiner yes, pimp not

aww, dammit, first post did

aww, dammit, first post did



What about the drilled handlebar? Ugh. To each his own or rather in this community, to every all's theirs.

shit, didn't notice that,

shit, didn't notice that, thats horrible

What's the story? Why are

What's the story? Why are the drilled handlebars a no no?

drilling a hole into cinelli

drilling a hole into cinelli bars?!!

At the end of the day its

At the end of the day its just metal, isn't it? Does it weaken the bars?

Considering Drilling:

These things are made with certain tolerances for a reason: safety. Of course they are overbuilt but anything you do to compromise strength is a risk and you just can never trust it after moding in such a way. Especially Aluminum, since it will crack as opposed to bend. Such a compromise in the name of aesthetics (which in my opinion dont even pan out -- I think its awkward and not functionally advantageous) is just not a smart thing to do, adding also that it most likely destroys any resale value of the bars.


i doubt its dangerous to drill a small hole in the bars' aluminum. rims certainly have lots of holes. unless you're gonna abuse these bars for 100 years they're fine.

does velospace have a "like"

does velospace have a "like" button yet, cause if it did i would ironically be hitting it.

Damn face palm

Damn face palm

dont be harsh people

dont be harsh people

People need harshness to

People need harshness to learn and improve. People don't learn how to do better from getting hugs and cuddles and pats on the back for their stupid decisions.



This is one of the biggest fucking FAILS I've seen on this site for a LONG LONG time! Thanks so much for sharing.

Between the shock absorbing seatpost, and the strapless pedal cages, and of course a rear Aerospoke.... this one is a real winner.


I hope he rides this on the track only!!!

+ gear ratio and impractical

+ gear ratio and impractical brake lever position. The fat lady ruining the fourth picture is nice though.

Is that a cushion seat

Is that a cushion seat post???


for her pleasure

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