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1985 Panasonic Touring Deluxe

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1985 Panasonic Touring Deluxe (Tange 1000), 21" (53cm)

Nitto Moustache (RM-016) / Nitto Technomic (100mm)

Panasonic 1" threaded (Tange High-Tensile) / Stock 1" threaded (assumed to be Shimano or Tange, though I don't see any markings)

Mavic A119 (36h) / Shimano Deore LX / Panracer Pasela TourGuard (700x32c)

Mavic A119 (36h) / Shimano Deore LX / Panracer Pasela TourGuard (700x32c)

Sugino XD2 / Shimano UN54 / Pletscher Double-Legged Kick-Stand

Brooks B17 Special (honey) / Kalloy Laprade (26.6mm)

Shimano M324 / SRAM PC951

Shimano Dura-Ace Bar-End Shifters (9-speed) / Shimano Tiagra 9-speed rear derailleur and Tiagra triple front derailleur

Shimano AT-50 cantis with Kool Stops / Shimano R400

46T/36T/24T, 12-25T 9-speed cassette

This is going to be my dedicated commuter/townie/light-tourer/rainy and all-around bad-weather commuter. This bike was originally sold with 100% Japanese-branded components, so the goal is/was to try and keep with the Japanese theme. Everything but the seatpost, saddle, and bar-tape are Japanese manufactured (as far as I know).

Future plans include matching Brooks honey bar-tape and possibly a front and/or rear rack (Nitto or V.O.).

I bought the bicycle, used, from Europa Cycle and Ski in Cedar Falls, Iowa for one hundred dollars (almost fully stock, as shown in the second picture).

Update 3/11/2012: I finally got around to modernizing this bicycle some more. I have replaced the stock 15 speed friction drive-train with a modern Shimano 9-speed (3x9) drive-train that includes a mix of Tiagra, Dura-Ace, Deore LX, etc.. So far I am absolutely loving it! The modern, indexed drive-train, bar-end shifters, and the modern wheel-set makes this feel like a new bicycle! The smaller 700c wheels give me just a tad more clearance from the fenders (which was much-needed) and it hasn't seemed to affect the handling much from what I can tell. The bar-end shifters on the moustache bars are blissful- I don't know why I didn't do this switch-over earlier.

Update 3/29/2012: I bought and installed Velo Orange's "Constructeur" racks, front and rear. They look great but are just a tad smaller than I had predicted. I'm having issues finding panniers that will work with the short "deck" length. I was a little hesitant drilling through the fenders and using the fenders as a mounting point but I have found that it has strengthened the entire setup and has actually reduced the amount of rattling/noises that came from my fenders (rear in particular) when I went over large bumps/cracks in the road. Also added the Pletscher double-legged kick-stand. Also kicking myself for not doing that sooner! I might end up switching out racks down the road, not sure yet though, I'll give these a try for a while.

Update 6/4/2012: I didn't find myself using the front Velo Orange "Constructeur" rack enough so I swapped out for the Velo Orange "Porteur" rack which I find myself using just about every ride. This rack is awesome and I highly recommend it for a commuter/errand bike/townie. It's so practical, it's a very large platform and with the option "fence" the options are almost endless. The backing guard/fence is a little larger on the Porteur rack (when compared to the Constructeur rack) so I had to get creative and do a little different cable routing for the derailleur cables/housing. I love this bicycle even more and I find myself hopping on this bicycle the most when I go out for a ride to work or around town. I have some Velo Orange "retro cages" on order through work and then this thing should be just about done... maybe.

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It's curious, but the 27"->700c wheel reduction + jacked-up stem/saddle + fenders makes it look like a 650b. I'm guessing the cantis won't reach that far.

What kind of tire clearance did the cold-set give you? How wide a tire can you fit? I've been planning on CSing a 120mm Raleigh to 126 (I have a 126 hub in it now, but I can only clear six cogs). If I can safely spread it to 130mm for a modern cassette hub, I'm sorely tempted.

I'm guessing that you're

I'm guessing that you're probably right about cantis not reaching to a 650b rim. As far as current clearances go with the 700c wheelset, it's pretty tight with the Velo Orange 45mm fenders that I have on there. My guess is that I could fit a 700x34c or 700x35c (depending on the tire manufacturer) and it'd probably fit, although it'd be a cozy fit. If I removed the fenders I'm guessing I could fit a 700x38c and possibly even a 700x40c..... though I don't know if this bicycle will ever see life without fenders again, that's what my Cross-Check (and possibly an All-City Space Horse, Salsa Vaya, Civia Cycles Bryant or Kingfield in the future) is for.

I was a little nervous cold-setting the old lugged frame a whole 9mm (almost a whole centimeter) but so far no problems what-so-ever! *knocks on wood* I got into cycling just a few years back and I've been spoiled with modern drive-trains.

Love the bike. I'll have to

Love the bike. I'll have to think about doing something similar to one of my vintage bikes. . . .

Thanks! It's a blast,

Thanks! It's a blast, totally gives an old bike a new life.


is a beautiful, well-planned build. Thanks for giving us the updates too! One question: do you find the cockpit setup noodly? I toured on a 72 Fuji with questionable rigidity, and now I have a stigma against riding loaded with a non-OS steel frame or threaded cockpit. Perhaps you could help persuade me to revive my inner retro-grouch tourer?

Thanks for your kind words

Thanks for your kind words fumingator. I've only just started to load up the front end within the last few months. I have found the front to be a little noodly at times but I don't have much to compare to. I'm sure things such as the ridiculously tall Nitto Technomic quill stem and the nature of the moustache bars probably don't help as far as rigidity goes. Also, on the Velo Orange "Porteur" rack (which is what is currently installed as I type this) it only mounts to the drop-out eyelets and a center mount goes to the fork crown. So again, this doesn't help with the rigidity since modern touring style racks would most-likely mount to the mid-blade mounts making for a much stiffer and rigid setup. My other bicycles all have 1 1/8" threadless setups and, when compared to those, this cockpit definitely doesn't seem as stiff but like I said earlier, it could be many other factors. Hope that helps, though I don't think I did anything to instill/restore your faith in 1" threaded headset/stem/steerer setups! Hah.

Awesome. If you ever decide

Awesome. If you ever decide to sell...

Thanks! Prior to doing all

Thanks! Prior to doing all of the modern upgrades, I may have taken you up on that. However, now that I have done said upgrades, I don't know if I'll ever be able to part with it! Thanks again for the appreciative comment.

Any problems?

Awesome bike!

Did you encounter any problems while modernizing it? In going to the slightly smaller diameter wheels, were there any issues with the brake caliper mount locations? Thanks!

Hey thanks! I had a few

Hey thanks!

I had a few concerns with going with 700c wheels and surprisingly didn't really run into many of the issues that I thought I might have.

The stock cantilever brakes had PLENTY of reach and mated up with the 700c wheels, no problem. I'm assuming that most modern cantis have just as much adjustment/reach, if not, maybe even more (obviously will vary from brand/model-to-brand/model).

I was concerned that the bottom bracket might become too low after I switched over to the smaller 700c wheel, but after getting a rough measurement of about 7cm BB drop, which is pretty much in the same ball-park as my Steamroller, Karate Monkey, and soon to be built up Raleigh road bike (all of which are 700c), those fears went away.

The last two items that concerned me were general overall handling changes, which I haven't really noticed much difference, good or bad. And lastly, I was a little concerned with spreading the stays almost an entire centimeter, from the stock 126mm rear spacing to the modern 135mm MTB spacing (Deore LX rear hub). But, after asking a few guys at work, and with it being just plain-Jane CroMoly (Tange 1000), I decided to cold-set them using out alignment jig at work and have had ZERO issues so far *knocks on wood*.

Again, like I mentioned in the notes, the extra little bit of clearance I gained between the tires and the fenders was very much welcomed and I guess to sum up my experience: the difference between 27" and 700c really isn't as big as I initially thought.

Oh, I did find that I had to align the derailleur hanger just a tad after I spread the stays because the hanger wanted to almost angle inward after such a significant spread (if that makes sense). After I did that, all was well in the drive-train department! I love how this bicycle turned out so far!

love this build! bar end

love this build! bar end shifters would be great!

Done! I really don't know

Done! I really don't know why I didn't do these earlier, they make this bike so much more fun and faster!

Bad ass retro

ATB Man that is a beautiful retro machine.I would definitely do the matching bar tape but you have to leave the down tube shifters on,man they rock anytime dude.

What a beautiful build. I

What a beautiful build. I support your changing it from the old original. and your suggestions paint quite a gem of a picture.

Thanks! I appreciate the

Thanks! I appreciate the support. All I need now is the matching Brooks bar-tape and I've also been toying with the idea of bar-end shifters, but not 100% sure yet. The downtube shifters add a little bit of old-school/novelty to the build, but bar-end shifters would be much more convenient and comfortable.

I love it!

I love it!



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