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Eddy Merckx Pista

Bike tags: Track bike | 56cm | C Record | campagnolo | columbus | more tags >>
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Eddy Merckx Pista/56cm/1990

Cinelli Pista/Cinelli 2A stem

Merckx Pista/Campagnolo C Record

C Record "Sheriff Star" hub/Campagnolo Omega 32h/Vittoria

C Record "Sheriff Star" hub/Campagnolo Omega 32h/Vittoria

Campagnolo C Record 2nd Gen. Pista

San Marco Supercorsa/C Record (early '90's)

Campagnolo C Record Pista Pedals/Cages/ Regina 1/8" Pista chain


Frame had not been built when I purchased it but was not NOS as it has several paint chips. It took me over a year to source the parts after I bought the frame. Labor of love but one that I really enjoyed!

Amazing pictures by John "Prolly" Watson. Thanks John!! Welcome to Austin!!

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Amazing! Well done, I don't

Amazing! Well done, I don't know how I barley saw this though...


this is a beautiful build down to the smallest detail good job!


Hey.. Just realized we have the same pista...


This bike is infamous on the web. I absolutely love everything about it. I'm glad you enjoy my Cannondale track. I'm waiting for the glue to dry on my tubs and a couple of parts but as soon as they get here I will get some pics of my Merckx Pista up and I'm pretty sure you and Prolls are really going to enjoy it. Cheers to you on one of the most beautiful builds around man, absolutely SUPERB!

im in love

im in love

So dope cant wait to see

So dope cant wait to see your next build once my SSP comes to you ;]


Already gave away his new project... I am going to keep my mouth shut but it has been leaked... SSP group, Damn Homie in high Schoolz you waz tha man!! Good job Chris.. Ben was your Suntour group off your Cannondale cause I sure hope not.. Shoulda kept that C-dale OG to the finest. Damn shoulda went 10 pitch but ABD...

I dont have a SSP group only

I dont have a SSP group only the cranks. Cannondale with OG I think is played out I dont want my bike looking like everyone elses *cough mash*
There was a photo of his next project so I dont know how big a secret that is anyway


Well dont you know everything.. Saw the pick of his frame.. You said group and I know that a group is a serious choice.. As far as the Cannondale goes ahead an put mixed up ugly parts on it like EVERYONE else...


When did I ever say group? You said group.
Yes Aerospokes and bmx pedals for my Cannondale Ill make sure it barspins too


Just messin.. Choa!


Thanks for the love!!


Damn Homie so damn sick.. Beautiful.. Extremely well done..

Really nice!

Really nice!


good god,
superrr niceeee... what can i say, you nail it broo, beautifull,nice set up, just tell me if you want let it go...haha joking bro , two thumbs up, viva MERCKX....

Belissimo !


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