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another USSR TAKHION soviet PURSUIT track bike         Featured Bike! on 06/24/2011

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takhion pursuit - 1991

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This bike makes my back hurt just looking at it.

OMG, I would be too chicken

OMG, I would be too chicken to ride this beauty.


it's amazing.

but i'd like to see a picture of someone ON IT, or riding it.
it looks so frickin awkward!


chicagogo. holy pretentious crap batman. you really gonna race someone with that thing? its definitely sweet but what practicality does it posess? to pre-empt a retort, is that your pride and joy? if so i get that. merely trying to clarify and mean no personal offense cus to reiterate the machine is fucking sweet. and what is that stem chop job? are the bars braised to the fork? again no verbal attack intended just trying to understand that machine


Firstly, it is a super-rare piece of racing history that no-one has ever seen, and it positions the rider in an aero pose. I own a TT funnybike and people ask if it hurts to ride it. That kind of geometry elongates all of the muscles that pull you forward, acceleration is better. This geometry feels awesome when hauling ass... but it is just cool as all hell to have a bike like that.

old school

that's just the way they rocked 'em in russia in 90's...

Love this

These are some of the coolest pursuits ever built. Some of the old pic of the Russian team are my favorite

Very nice! Added to the

Very nice! Added to the Russian/Eastern European cluster found here:


Hola!, Hip-hIP-HURRA- wOW, clear beatiful Peculiarity, "Sweet dreams in the Road", ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz. Bye friend from Méjico City.


look at the drive-side rear drop out. it should have a two digit year and three digit serial number.
can't tell from this pic, but it looks like a SUPER SPORT.

It's not a SUPER SPORT it's

It's not a SUPER SPORT it's a ТЕМП Russian for TIME. It's written in white text on the top tube. Maybe they changed the name from SUPER SPORT to TIME in the later Takhion production line.


My SuperSport frames (circa '87-'88) also have TEMP written on them. However, it’s written on non-drive side (top tube) using different typeface in much smaller letters; red color.
SuperSport is the name of this model,
TEMP is the engineering bureau that designed this bike/frame.

Like I said, it may have

Like I said, it may have been a супер спорт in the late 80's, however this frame is from 1991 and was probably renamed темп (if I am wrong, can you please provide a source where you found this info as it being the name of the engineering bureau). Nowhere on this frame does супер спорт appear. темп is written on the top tube in black on the left and white on the right, usually where the model name is written. I believe that the manufacturer is цктб вело as written on the head badge. If anyone has info on where the frame was manufactured, please contribute.


thanks- i saw those #'s and some on bottom bracket shell- did not know which one to read- on dropout reads "459-91" - so 1991 - great , thanks for info


that's 1991
what year is your other frame?


my other takhion is 1982 - and i am still looking for original style decal for it or repro of original one- it you have any , please let me know how much you want and i can paypal it to you along with my address- thanks much


lemme know if you still need decals for it

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