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Makino / M. Shibasaki

Bike tags: Fixed gear | fixed gear | njs | track bike
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Makino, raced by M. Shibasaki

90mm Jag / 36cm B123AA

Makino / Hatta

36h Dura Ace / Deep V

(110mm)36h Dura Ace / Deep V

165mm Sugino 75 / Hatta

44mm Kashimax / 44mm Jag

7810 Dura Ace Spd-Sl / Izumi V

49x16 Sugino Zen / Dura Ace

Love it. Tb14's on pre-order! New Wheel Set in about 1 month. I hope..

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About time I

friended this.


That ride is dope! Lovin the narrow B123's. That bike is awesome! Very inspiring makes me want to build up a makino!

dope set-up.. im waiting for

dope set-up.. im waiting for my araya gold on my mak..

simple, and clean!

simple, and clean!


It is kind of shame it has deep v as the rest is njs. Needs tubulars or at least h+s tb14 or some other tubular-lookalike clinchers.

Other than that, looks amazing.

Just pre-ordered boxed hoops

Just pre-ordered boxed hoops to have a new wheel set built. It should be done in about a month. If the hoops come when they're suppose to..


Yet another beautiful frame Andre!! Paint job looks beautiful!


nice,clean and beautifull set up bike bro,

damn andre

nice. I've been idly eyeing a Makino for a few weeks now. Sweet bike.


Workin your way up I see... Maybe one day you will move on up to a legit njs frame, 3rensho, nagasawa, kalivinka, or a samson.. Until then...


Ignore this idiot. Makinos are one of the dopest NJS frames, I'm stoked you got your hands on one!

Right on

Yeah and bridgestone, anchor, and bomber pros are the most righteous..


educate me with your NJS knowledge Tempe-san


I can care less... Making this shit interesting.. I must say that I dont understand the seattube angle on your anchor.. Straight vertical, Weird-san.. Nuts must be hitting your stem riding straight up..



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