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eddy merckx pista

Bike tags: Fixed gear | cinelli | full campagnolo | jakarta indonesia | track/fixed
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Eddy Merckx corsa / columbus SL / early 90's

cinelli pista / cinelli 2A 90 mm

eddy merckx ./ campagnolo c-record 1' inch

mavic MA 2 / campagnolo record 32 H / vittoria randoneur

mavic MA 2/ campagnolo record track hub tr 32 H / vittoria randoneur

campagnolo super record pista / campagnolo c-record pista italian thread

concor san marco supercorsa / campagnolo c-record 27,2

MKS japan / Izumi/

campagnolo super record toe clip /alfredo binda strap

i change the parts little bit from the previous set up to look more awesome . love this merckx .

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i sold you the frame.

You did a fine job with the seatpost and saddle, but the handlebars+stem are wrong and so are the wheels.

look at this:
The way to make a pista

yeahh funny heh, im still

yeahh funny heh, im still waiting the wolber clincher tire,and also the rims .i got 2a stem and cinelli pista handlebar 67-39, but i have a problem with my left wrist, the pista bar more narrow at the top rather than del mondo ,is more confi to my left wrist thats why ,butt..agree with you its look bit..awkward,but anyway,i,ll put the proper one when this wrist problem gone hehehe,

nice build!

if you'd be willing to sell your cinelli pista bar & stem, let me know ;)

This whip is INSANE. Amazing

This whip is INSANE. Amazing build!


hahaha...yeah missed the letter S and X to close ,thanks bro


Its spelled Merckx (hint: Frame decal) not Mercks. I call you unworthy, now give it to me.

But seriously, please change the rando's. It look a bit like a tractor.


Now that looks familiar...very nice!

thanks bro,appreciate

thanks bro,appreciate that,viva merckx!

Saddle angle, again.

Saddle angle, again.

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