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RIDLEY track

Bike tags: Fixed gear | blackbike | realenger | Ridley | Sphinx | more tags >>
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ridley year ??

3T sphinx / 3T zeppXL

ridley / no name

Zipp / miche / conti

Zipp / Miche / Soma

Most / no name

Flite / giant(mike burrows)

Shimano / KMC K710SL

rollin till da hoopz fall offff

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oppoetsen die shit G.

this bike is sooo

this bike is sooo sick!

Seems like something that batman would ride, but with battle scars from a sweet leg-over skid battle with the joker.

Terrible_one49 needs to STFU

Terrible_one49 needs to STFU sometimes.

Why would you drop the $$$

Why would you drop the $$$ on those bars for this beater street bike? Seems silly, and they don't really work with the bike too well.

I see 229$ profile airwing

I see 229$ profile airwing cobra bars on your street bike. seems silly, and they don't really work without TT clipons ;D

profile airwing cobra

They are really great for street riding and a year or two ago it was possible to buy them for less than 150 when the 3t sphinx cost almost 400...

And btw - I love all these scratches on that ridley

he uses it for track

he uses it for track training tho

an extra hand position...

an extra hand position...





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