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Cinelli Speciale Corsa Pista

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Cinelli Speciale Corsa Pista/ 55cm/ 1962

Cinelli Milano pista mod.14/ Cinelli pista (badged)

Cinelli/ Campagnolo Super Record

Campagnolo Record/ Mavic Mod. E/ vittoria

Campagnolo Record/ Mavic Mod. E/ vittoria

Campagnolo Record 151BCD 165mm/ Phil wood

Selle san marco concor/ Campagnolo record

Campagnolo con denti pista/ miche

Campagnolo 49t pista/ Phil wood 18t cog

frameset for sale. serious inquiries only please

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Damn if that frame were my

Damn if that frame were my size.. beautiful beautiful bike.

Also, stem is intense

Also, stem is intense

I agree. That is a

I agree. That is a great-looking stem.

thanks. luckily both the

thanks. luckily both the stem & bars came with the bike when i got it. or else it would've costed me a limb

hey man, some spinergy's

hey man, some spinergy's would look dope on this

i'm not sure if you're being

i'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not. but i'm straight with the tubulars & clinchers i have already.

I dont think so...

I dont think so...

completely sarcastic

completely sarcastic

This is art.

This is art.

Beautiful bike. You have a

Beautiful bike. You have a lot invested in those parts, especially the stem and handlebars. How did you determine it was from '62? Older Cinellis are notoriously difficult to date.

thank you. luckily, the bike

thank you. luckily, the bike came the way as you see it.with the exception of some polishing & new bar tape. it also came with the original tubular wheelset (fiamme rims laced to pre-record campagnolo hubs). the tubing is reynolds 531 on the main triangle, & columbus on the rearstays & forks.thus, indicating an early 60's cinelli since that was their tubing choice during that time. they started using just columbus in the mid-60's. also, the lugs don't have the hole drilling patterns, which didn't appear till the late 60's also.

You're lucky to have so many

You're lucky to have so many original parts. The whole bike looks great. Yeah, I get that it was made before the late 60's given that it doesn't have the 3-hole pattern on the lugs. I just didn't know how you narrowed it down to '62. The early 60's Cinelli catalog I have lists Columbus tubing as the default. Or, upon request, one could have it made with a Reynolds 531 triangle. My early 60's road-going Cinelli has Columbus tubing.

definitely. give or take,

definitely. give or take, there was only a few things on the bike that weren't original. but the main components make it really stand out & feel classic. but the previous owner told me they contacted the cinelli registery & they suggested it was a '62 since the serial number followed in sequence with a few others. i have a '63 catalog that states that the main triangle was reynolds 531, whereas the rear & forks were columbus. but who knows. i've learned that cinelli's have fluctuated in craftsmanship throughout the years too. it could've been custom built for an olympian, since that's what they were primarily intended for anyways.

original equipment

next time you decide to service your (original) hubs, look at the lock nuts. they should have a two digit date/year stamp.

great bike/build, but red bartape?

white velox cloth tape with some shellac
would put it over the top (IMHO)

thanks, i'll have to look

thanks, i'll have to look into that. i checked & didn't see any numbering on the outside anywhere. where exactly on the lock nuts? & the red cloth tape is only temporary. it looks overly vibrant because they were brand new when i took the pictures.

a-ma-zing bike

This is definitely the best bike i've seen today in velospace. is phil wood bottom bracket good? i use campagnolo super record on my alan.


i had a campy super record on my last bike & really liked it. i originally wanted a campagnolo bb on this build, but it came installed with a phil wood instead. the phil is really smooth & feels great though. i really like it

file names

Hey, sweet pista! But, you need to rename your image files to something unique - it's loading other peoples' bikes when you click the thumbnails.

thanks for the tip! i was

thanks for the tip! i was wondering why it was doing that

The best one yet!

The best one yet!
Now this is Vintage!

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