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my 3rensho

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3rensho super record pro njs

nitto B123AA njs, nitto jaguar 100mm njs

3rensho, hatta swan jis njs

dura-ace 36 hole njs laced to araya tubular njs, soyo gold stars tubulars njs

dura-ace 36 hole njs laced to araya tubular njs, soyo gold stars tubulars njs

dura ace 7600 njs, dura ace 48t, hatta R 9400 njs

Kashimax Five Gold 8P njs, nitto jaguar sp72 27.2mm post 30mm rails njs

njs mks rx-1, njs mks clips, njs mks alpha sport, hkk vertex njs

16t dura ace cog njs, dura ace lock ring njs

after a year and a half of research, saving money and building, this bicycle is complete. it was insulted on both the "why ride when you can look" cluster and bikesnobnyc. thanks.
everything is njs except for the guy riding it.

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Well done! Well done!

Well done! Well done!


dumb clean. fuck haters. njs wet dream for me, to be honest

d0_ob ={♥♫♪♥♀}

I just pray to god the

I just pray to god the spokes are njs...

they are hoshi. should i

they are hoshi. should i post this two times like you did.
you really must have meant what you were trying to say.

I just pray to god the

I just pray to god the spokes are njs...

What a lovely bike. Now all

What a lovely bike. Now all you need is Deep V's. Just kidding.

deep v's

thanks for the comment. i laughed more then you know. you are a good shit. nice bikes


I just busted... I quit cigarettes over 7 years ago and now I need a lucy. TRUE BIKE PORN... Well done A+!!! F*CK what bikesnob says about this... There's no harm in going all out about something you're passionate about. I say build your bike to whatever specs you want. It's YOUR bike that's the beauty of it. I was gonna go the full NJS route, but I put together what I had at hand and I don't regret it one bit. Eventually I'm going to source parts for a full italian complete! Then will I be able to rule the world!!! Muwahahahahah!

you have a great group of

you have a great group of bikes. i appreciate your opinion. good luck on the italian build. i would love to see it when its done. thank you soo much.

wooooooooooooooooooooow wow

wooooooooooooooooooooow wow wow

photo for hire?

my goodness. i mean.. really. why has nobody commented on this work of art. name a better bicycle on this site and i will make mac and cheese for you. my treat.


listen to Ghostrider..
beautiful build!


That is a beautiful only suggestion is to stay on the NJS path -- you've already got the hardest-to-come-by parts (NJS rims)! Don't cheap out at the end because you're itching to ride it...stay the course, man!


look and sounds super so far... look forward to seeing it complete

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