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Bike tags: 650B | french | gitane | Touring
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Gitane 59cm c.1970

Super Champion alloy 650b/Hi-e hubs(I think)/Grand Bois

Super Champion alloy 650b/Hi-e hubs(I think)/Grand Bois

Stronglight 99 drilled rings



Simplex Criterium front, long cage rear

Mafac Cantilever

Found at the local Goodwill about ten years ago. I think I paid seven bucks for it, but not with all the parts that are on it now.

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six fitty bee

super cool bike. Looks like it has a pretty steep headtube angle for a tourer; any indications that this may have been a TDF model converted to 650b with canti studs brazed on? Either way, it's sick and I love it.

what bars are those btw? I like the curve. Any sweep to them?

650 bee

Hi, I have had the thought that it could be a converted TDF- I wouldn't be that surprised. It had been repainted when I got it, so anything is possible. I do have a friend n town who used to sell Gitane 650B bikes in his shop, so I know they existed and were imported, but can't be sure this is one of them. It has strange rear dropouts like I have not seen on a TDF, but in those days they were just slapping anything they could find together and calling it a bike!
The bars are Trek System 2, no sweep, if I understand you correctly- they're very simple and traditional bend like a Giro D'Italia.

Cheers! Duncan

classy classic

Very nice looking build, was it a 650b originally? What is none original? I don't think you could have done better with 7 dollars let alone 700 dollars. Very cool.

650b tourer

Hi Classyclassic,
I'm not 100% sure about much about this bike. It had been repainted, and had some kind of home-made Gitane stickers on it. Everything about the frame says 1970-ish Gitane- it's very like a TDF but with different rear dropouts and cantilevers. There is not that much clearance for fenders, etc, so I think it must have been 650b from the get-go.
I put the Mafac cantis on it, and replaced the Suntour deralilleurs with French ones. Handlebar and stem are new, for comfort and safety, and the seat post for length. Thanks for your interest!

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