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Makino Ikki Special

Bike tags: Fixed gear | fixed gear | njs | track bike
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Complete Bike (Sold)

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All your builds are Beautiful Andre! Keep up the good work. Glad to see Don's old frame go to an awesome builder!

Thanks man, much appreciated

Thanks man, much appreciated


like it alot!

"we dont see things as they are, we see things as we are"

my bike!

this bike was originally mine! i got it from a friend in japan in mint condition. i ended up selling it to some kid from sf.

enjoy it man. it's a beautiful bike.

check it out here:

That's fuckin' crazy!! What

That's fuckin' crazy!! What a small ass world.. ? ..


I wondered who would buy that frame :)

you should uhhhh, buy my 110 spaced Sunshine hubs :P

If u don't mind holding them

If u don't mind holding them for a lil' while, I'd definitely buy them. After buying the Makino I'm pretty broke.

I just might

let me know if/when you're in the market.

So what's the plan for this Makino? You just gonna have two sooper nice rides?

Makino: Eventually track

Makino: Eventually track race it when I have the time.
Bridgestone: Workbike

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