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Kroll Titanium

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Kroll Titanium / 54cm / ?

FSA SL-K 42cm / FSA SL-K 90mm

Easton EC90 SL / Stronglight O-Light 1"

Fulcrum Racing 3 2009 / Vredestein Fortezza TriComp

Fulcrum Racing 3 2009 / Vredestein Fortezza TriComp


Fizik Aliante Ki:um / FSA SL-K SB0 Carbon 27.2

Time RXS Ulteam Carbon / SRAM PC 1071

SRAM Force / SRAM Force

SRAM Force / SRAM Force

13t-27t / 50t-39t /

Not likely...

7.5 kilos including everything. If anyone has _any_ information about the Kroll brand, let me know! I mean anything...(I've tried everything I can think of, but I'm drawing a total blank)

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Never heard of it but looks

Never heard of it but looks great. Arent the fulcrum 3's baangin'? Super nice build I wanna ride it!


Thanks. I like the way the Fulcrum R3's ride, used them all last season on other bikes. I think they're a bit on the heavy side, and I wish they were a bit more servicable. The back wheel on my pair is shot after a peloton crash last season. Still ridable but cant't get it completely true.

Digging the red tires as

Digging the red tires as well. My set of racing 3's feels pretty light with the exception of the rear cause sram cassettes are on the heavy side, but no complaints here. They can take a fair amount of abuse; I havent needed to true them yet but when it does happen I'll have a pro do it. Changing broken spokes is a challenge but I havent had that problem yet either. They are just so stiff and spin forever. I am itching to try the racing 1's to see how they compare. Should be a few grams lighter and stiffer(with those sweet super wide spokes). All in all a great set of wheels from a company I am liking more and more.

Briken spoke

I actually broke a spoke on the front wheel of this pair. Or rather it suddenly broke when riding gently. I guess it had some prior damage and suddenly it decided to break. A new spoke costed about 7 dollars(!) which is the most I've ever spent on a spoke by far. Due to the fact that the R3's are not drilled though the rim, you have put the nipple though the valve hole and guide it using a magnet to the spoke hole. Kind of tricky. This is what meant when I said above that I would like the R3's to be a bit easier to service. And as with all few-spoked wheels, break one spoke and the wheel is unridable. So. Nice ride but lacking a bit in reliability and servicability

Not the most user friendly

Not the most user friendly of components, I hear yah

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