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Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra

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Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra , Columbus SLX / C-C 57 / Late 1980's

Super High Class 26.0/40 mm. / 3T Eddy Merckx Panto

Eddy Merckx / Tange Levin NJS

Miche Primato HF 32h / ARAYA Aero 700c / Victoria Rubino

Miche Primato HF 32h / DDiamond Metal Polish 700c / Victoria Rubino

Campagnolo Super Record , STRADA 170 / Miche 110mm BB

San Marco Rolls / Campagnolo Chorus Aero

SR Sakae / Izumi

DDiamond Cog 21T / Campagnolo Super Record 52T

Hello from Thailand.

I bought this frame from Netherlands and didn't know anything about this frame set .
I wanna know some story about this frame color .

People who friended this bike knapprobert, cannonhugodale, fixedgeardad

Nice Frame!

Put gears if you want. It's your bike :)

it's yours

while i too would have chose to go a different direction with this frame/build, in the end it's YOUR bike, do with it as you please and don't let these others tell you you messed it up. If you're happy with it it's perfect


This should be a Road bike not a conversion , conversions are for panasonics puegggots , etc. :(

maybe this link...

... will be helpfull for u to specify ur eddie..

i feel sorry for that frame

i feel sorry for that frame

Let me know what i'm doing

Let me know what i'm wrong ??

put gears back on dewd

put gears back on dewd

the general consensus is

the general consensus is that it should be returned to it's former glory as a road bike.

just ride and let it go

riding fix gear on a road frame as apposed to a "track" frame is the best way to enjoy riding fixed. asuming you are going to really go on rides and not parade around at the coffee shop. If you are going to go out and hammer and put some miles in , for the same reason a steel frame is the best thing on the road ( I ride a "fixed" Serotta Nova) a converted quality road frame is the best. you will rapidly become a better and more aware rider with a fixed gear , climbing will take on a new challange and you will amaze your friends with your new found fitness and smoothness. so let it go haters and go ride!

there are so many reasons

there are so many reasons why what you've done to this merckx is wrong.

awww dammit

awww dammit

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