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93 Cannondale Track

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1993 Cannondale Track / 56

Nitto b259aa / Nitto Jaguar

Stock / Chris King 2 Nut Sotto Voce

Mavic Ellipse / Gatorskin

Mavic Ellipse / Gatorskin

Sugino 75 / Sugino 75

Selle Italia SLR Carbonio / Thomson Masterpiece / Thomson Seatclamp

MKS Custom Nuevo / Izumi Super V

46-17 / Sugino Zen Racing / Kaws Companion Dissected

Thanks to Mason at Urban Powdercoating and the Bike Lane Chicago.

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I think that this is a great looking bike. i realy like the stem and bar combo. I have more or less the same set up on my bike because i liked the way it looked on ur bike.

its sick when someone gets a

its sick when someone gets a classic frame and adds brand new top of the line stuff to it

although i do like the original blue better.. beautiful bike nonetheless.. have you contacted cannondale about getting decals for the frame?

oh yes, I've tried. I even

oh yes, I've tried. I even work at a bike shop and they still won't hook it up. I'm still in the middle of redoing all the original decals and having a decal shop print them. I'm lucky to have a second one that I can replicate the decals off of so that it can all be on point.

Type of wheels in the 4th pic

Just curious what type of wheels are in the 4th picture, they are hella deep


looks like Reynolds SDV66c's

Yes. SDV66's are

Yes. SDV66's are correct..took the ellipses off to throw on another bike..

i've never understood why

i've never understood why everyone always demands drops on everything. have you ever ridden drops and actually held them in the drops, not by the stem? it's terrible. maybe on a track, but judging by this guy's setup i'd say it's a city bike, and drops are the most impractical choice for a city bike where you want to be heads-up and be able to react quickly to cars etc. just sayin'. choose your bars for comfort not aesthetics.

looks great by the way.

truth! I have drops set up

truth! I have drops set up on my pista concept and really only ride (hand placement) to the left and right of my stem. I rarely ever ride in the drops and I'd say the same for bullhorns. Each one of my bikes are set up differently and all feel differently as I like different options. I'm just waiting to get my decals done and then the Cannondale will be finished.

Bike Lane

Nice Bike lane clickin random I like this, went to the bike lane opening party good times good place nice bike

Black Cogk

Drops/horns and a black cog. Jeeeah!!

i have never understood the

i have never understood the drop stem + riser bar combo.. they cancel each other out, get some nice drops on there!

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