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2011 Cervelo T1 Track

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | Commuter | campagnolo | more tags >>
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2011 Cervelo T1 Custom Black [51Size ]

3T Sphinx LTD 400mm / 3T ARX-PRO 90mm 17˚

Cervelo FKDB Aero / FSA Orbit IS3

Campagnolo PISTA Wheel / Tufo S3Lite 195g

Campagnolo PISTA Wheel / Tufo S3Lite 195g

Campagnolo Record PISTA 144BCD 49T / NEW ROTOR 3D AERO TRACK 144BCD 49T

Fizik Arione CX Kium Black / Cervelo Aero SL

Look Keo2Max / IZUMI Super Toughness V

2011 Cervelo T1 Black Custom Track Bike

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Absolutely love this, pretty

Absolutely love this, pretty much exactly how I would build it if it were mine. Well done.


and I thought the red looked nice.


Wanted to ask how tall are you?Am considering to get a 51cm & wanted to know your input.
Thanks & this built btw is amazing!

nice colour

I'm loving this in black. Anyone have one in 54 they wanna sell?


That bike looks like a track BEAST.. Would.


These bars should be illegal because of their looks. I saw them in real and they are really horrible. However the rest of the bike is perfect.

Change these bars!

why change probably the

why change probably the best, most well thought out track bars you can buy? go figure why cameron meyer and probably a fourth of the sixdays peloton, putts these bars on their bikes.


It depends if he's racing. If he does, then it makes sense cause you don't care about looks that much. But if he doesn't then why go for the bars which look horrific and you can't even use their technical advantages because you're just commuting?

I'm not questioning the quality of the Sphinx, it's just about their look.

a friend of mine rides em,

a friend of mine rides em, and to be honest, theres as much advantage comfortwise when you would commute with them, as there is aero advantage when racing, seriously if you ever try riding them for a while, you will forget all about their looks because its so damn comfy.

great build!

comfy bars (?)


very compy bar~ i love sphinx

You're using this as a

You're using this as a street commuter huh? It seems like a trend to build 100% track specific bikes over in Korea, and make it your street bike.

How did you get a black one,

How did you get a black one, or did you paint it yourself?

Looks fantastic. Is this for track use, or for the street?

I don't care for those bars either, although I have not ridden them so I cannot say for sure… but they are just ugly. However, the new 3T Scatto are amazing and I plan to ride those on my T1 this season for sure.

Cervelo T1

Frame is Entrusted at the professional painting enterprise.
Is this for track use, and for the street Commuter

wait, i thought you sold

wait, i thought you sold yours. Did no one bid on it?

Shhhhhhhhh! I did sell it,


I did sell it, but just ran into another one from a guy that had several built as "team bikes" for this season coming up, but they never EVER got touched… and due to sponsorship changes, they had to get rid of them. He was getting rid of them for MUCH less than a Pista Concept sells for used. I could NOT pass it up. It's too amazing of a frame.


and he goes on and on and on... ;)

oh lawdy

oh lawdy

You should have picked up 2!

You should have picked up 2!

A new 58 Cervelo T1 frame

A new 58 Cervelo T1 frame just went for like 500 on ebay the other day. I had to use every ounce of control to not bid on it.

Looks fast, although I don't

Looks fast, although I don't like those bars, but I'm sure they serve their purpose.

tip of the hat..

very well put together sir

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