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1966 Murray Sportcrest

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24" 1966 Murray Sportcrest

The bars, I think came from my 60's Royce Union with 50's Schwinn Grips/ steel 70's Schwinn gooseneck

70's Schwinn springer seat

Big ol' fuckin 65t front gear from a Schwinn exercise bike

Its kinda hard to get going. haha

Of the bikes I own, this one I've had the longest, so it has taken many forms. Here are a few.

Ding-dong, tetanus shot!

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My knees are scared of your

My knees are scared of your chainring.... lols

What a beast!

"Its kinda hard to get

"Its kinda hard to get going." I IMAGINE IT IS

I like your

rust rocket.

That is SWEET!

How hard is it to pedal with the chain wheel that big?

The latest incarnation is the best!

Thought the big picture is the best configuration you've had - groovy bike that. Saddle not level though but I'm guessing is uncomfortable otherwise?


I appreciate your comments. The springs on the seat are old and level out with my weight on them :)


Love this. Particularly the setup with the banana seat, so cool. Like the bell too. What's the cog size with the big ring?


the front gear is 65 tooth. It measures about 11.5" across.

ahahaha i was just looking

ahahaha i was just looking at a bike with a 51/12 gear ratio, and people were telling him how stupid he was for it.. they should see this!

the chainring really makes it look cool,almost rat-rod-esque, sick bike

man I'm buildin up a 1983

man I'm buildin up a 1983 schwinn 5-speed, and I just might have to find me one of those saw blade chain rings you got there, that looks insane and fun! sweet ride, can't wait to post mine when it's done

it aint what ya do, it's the WAY that ya do it!


BEAST ratio! diggin the saddle / bar / wagon combinations. Well played sir.


thanks man.

Holy shit thats a big chain ring!

ATB I love your retro bike style.You have to get that baby cruising and clock yourself beside a car.

top speed

Ok, so I clocked in at 30.2mph (48kph) last week. Going to try it with a different rear cog soon, to see if I can get some more from the top end!

clocking it...

I'll try to get it up to speed this weekend. We havent had the best weather lately, but I've been wanting to do this using the GPS on my phone. I'm going to try to beat the speed I clocked on my Fuji (25.7mph). The Fuji has a smaller ratio, but this Murray weighs around 40lbs.

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