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Bertelli / 53cm / 2010

Nitto Pearl w/ Nitto RB-002, Nitto Pearl w/ risers, Nitto technomic w/ VO Porteur bars

Bertelli / Tange

Miche Pistard Low Flange / Open Pro CD / 25c Continental

Miche Pistard Low Flange / Open Pro CD / 25c Continental

Sugino 75 / Hatta Swan

Concor / Campy aero knock off

MKS Sylvans / D.I.D.

Sugino 49t - Surly 17t, Fizik wrap, Toshi leather wrap

Sold the frameset

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So clean! Shit yeah!

So clean! Shit yeah!



And another question :) How

And another question :) How big toe overlap on this frame size ?
Is it bothering you or you manage to deal with it ?

thanks again:)

Toe overlap depends on

Toe overlap depends on several things... If you plan on running medium sized clips with 170mm crank arms, then you will get about 1" of toe overlap. If you use small clips, or go clipless, with 165mm crank arms then you might get away without any overlap.

As for sizing... Like everyone says, you shouldn't base size decisions off height and inseam, but I'm 5'9".

What a beauty ! Clean and

What a beauty ! Clean and classic.
I've just ordered Bertelli frame same size as yours.
I'll appreciate if you can tell me what's the weight of this bike and another question: how tall you are ?)

Thanks a lot !

likin it a lot

How are those RB-002's? Saw them for the first time in a catalog the other day.

I really like them. I have

I really like them. I have some profile pursuit bars and they're just too deep. These are much more comfortable. They were sold out for a long time but it looks like everyone has them in stock now.


Love this build great work!

Yeah dude this rocks!!

Yeah dude this rocks!!

thanks. did you ever find a

thanks. did you ever find a frame to replace your kilo? i turned mine into my beater townie bike. hopefully i'll get around to updating it's page soon

Yeah just posted it... look!

Yeah just posted it... look!
May go your road with the rims.. I really like those.

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