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Raleigh Super Course 1970s, dad's bike

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Reynolds 531 / early 1970s

GB Stem


Brooks leather

My dad's old bike from grad school. He bought it from some guy after his 1981 Schwinn Super Sport was stolen. Eventually the right crank was bent in a crash. We took it to a schwinn dealer and shop in Lima, OH, but they couldn't do anything about it. He made the decision to throw it away, which I would never had tolerated then if I had known as much about bikes then as I do now. Fortunately, some people just happened to walk down the street and asked if they could take it and use it for parts, and we let them have it for free. I hope whoever took it got some use out of the nice components on it.

Fortunately since then I've equipped my dad even better with several other bikes I've restored. Now I'm just trying to get him to ride them.

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Sucks just to read, but with

Sucks just to read, but with the pictures included... oh well. Live & learn.

Cotter Press

Too bad, that bike would have been nice to restore. All you needed was a cotter press to remove the bent crank from the spindle. The cotter pin can be hammered out also, but you risk damaging parts. That's great you ended up getting another Super Course (with Nervex lugs even).

looks like a '73

glad it didn't end up in the land fill. BTW don't ever go back to that bike shop. there's a lot they could have done, like sell you a new, lighter crankset. I have the same bike which I made into a cafe racer style single speed. the frames were made with reynolds 531 and are quite nice.


Thats a bike with an awful lot of potential to contemplate throwing the trash. I'm sure it cleaned up really well for whomever was lucky enough to go home with it!

Posted By: Joshua A. C. Newman: "I think it had some sort of duck rabies or something. That duck wasn't right."

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