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c.1970 Gitane Professional Super Corsa, current configuration         Featured Bike! on 01/26/2012

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 1970's | 531 | french | gitane | more tags >>
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531/Camp NR

Camp NR/Rigida/Specialized

Camp NR/Rigida/Specialized

Nervar/Camp NR


Camp GS/Rally

Universal Mod. 61 Centerpull

This is now, after adapting the bike a little bit to my normal uses, which are mostly practical, with a little recreational riding thrown in, in nicer weather. I don't use this as a daily commuter, at least in winter. The rainy weather here is rough on a daily rider.

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Okay, you're just doing this to taunt me

Added to Pack mules and 50.4 clusters.

Being born in 1953

I love the older bikes. For some reason they seem to have more character and flair. Maybe its just nostalgia but heck Merlin, JRJ, Hetchins and so on certainly had a lot going for them.

Lovely collection by the way.

Kindest regards


Thanks for your comments and

Thanks for your comments and interest, Splined!
I share your feelings about the old bikes, for sure.


I find modern bikes starting to all look the same. Maybe just old age, whereas the older bikes seem to be more individual. Who knows.

Kindest regards


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