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Francesco Moser Leader Oria GM0.0

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F.Moser Leader Oria GM0.0 / 58,5 c-t / circa 1990

Nitto Noodle / Cinelli XE

Oria GM0.0 / Campagnolo

Campagnolo Zonda / Continental GP4000s

Campagnolo Zonda / Continental GP4000s

Campagnolo Veloce 10s Power Torque

Selle Italia Flite / Campagnolo C-Record

Shimano SPD Road / Campagnolo Veloce 10s

Campagnolo Veloce 10s

Campagnolo Veloce

Campagnolo Veloce / Elite Ciussi / Cinelli Cork Ribbon

A mix of new and old, with the groupset being from 2011 and the frame being the same model as Gianni Bugno rode for the Chateau D'Ax team in TDF 1990. More pictures of the bike here:

Now serves as sunday ride and winter trainer when I don't feel like riding fixed.

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the most beautiful bike i've encountered on velospace. I can't get off your nuts about it.

Thanks a lot man! I don't

Thanks a lot man! I don't think I'll ever sell it, grown to attached to it's neon goodness. Your moser is freaking awesome too, nothing beats 'em.


I think I'm man enough to ride this pink bike. :)


you fixed the bar angle! so pretty. I just ordered the veloce groupset, how do you like yours?

Yep! The first picture is

Yep! The first picture is kind of misleading since I just had assembled the bike. As soon as I rode it, I changed the angle to what it is today. I've put around 4300 km:s (≈2700 miles) into it this year, and gotta say that it's a wonderful groupset (and bike). The shifting is precise, the brakes have great modulation/power and the ergo power levers are a perfect fit for my hands. Compared to Chorus 11, which I have on my carbon road bike, it's a fantastic deal!

perhaps my favorite road

perhaps my favorite road build on here

I have

A Moser Leader Pro Titanium. Love it.

kindest regards

Awesome ride! I looking to

Awesome ride! I looking to build my Rossin frame from the same era in a similar style. What hubset are you running on the Zonda's? 10 or 11 cassette? Thanks

Thanks! I highly recommend

Thanks! I highly recommend you do! It rides beautifully with the new groupset. I'm afraid I don't have an answer to your question regarding the hubs.. But it's the 10s veloce casette, no problem with campy 9s hub bodys, avoid 8s though, they're not upgradeable. Cheers

very nice. ill get there one

very nice. ill get there one day

i want this

i really want this bike if. i could afford it...

Looks like your rear brake

Looks like your rear brake cable is too tight. Are you able to turn the bars fully to the right? Other than that its a beautiful build.


looks like an optical illusion but at first i thought the same thing. i think its just the angle of the photo


No problem man. :) thanks alot


That frame and wheels deserve a better groupset. Why didn't you go for Athena instead of Veloce? Budget?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating, I really like your bike. I'm asking out of curiosity.


Both actually, I think the Veloce is a great value for the money, and on my budget I just couldn't justify the pretty small performance gain and steep price increase going from Veloce to Athena. This being the 2011 model ofc. For previous models, I could definitely see me going for Athena instead. Hope this was a sufficient answer to your questions. Thanks for liking the bike!


VERY well done! congrats.

VERY well done! congrats.

Thanks man!

Thanks man!

perfect. Nice build man!

perfect. Nice build man!

Superbe ride

Just excellent buddy! Think I saw that frame for sale but its not my size. I rode oria tt tubing once and it was one of the most responsive, comfy rides ever. Grade A setup. Have fun!

Thanks! Grabbed it on ebay

Thanks! Grabbed it on ebay from the Netherlands. Great to hear that, I haven't ridden it yet, due to the snow present in the picture, but I've heard good things about these frames before!

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