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1990 (or so) De Rosa Professional SLX

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De Rosa Professional SLX 1990 or so, 53cm

Cinelli Giro d'Italia / 3ttt panto / velo orange stitched bar wrap

1" Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo Shamal C-Record / Michelin Pro 3

Campagnolo Shamal C-Record / Michelin Pro 3

Campagnolo C-Record

Selle Italia Anniversary

Campagnolo C-Record 3rd generation

Campagnolo Record / C-Record 3rd generation

Frameset bought from a guy in Italy December 2009. Arrived in March 2010. Built this up piece by piece over 6 months, now it's my Sunday rider. I'm guessing at the date after being told it was an '85 by C. De Rosa. Comparing its frame details to other photo references, and with advice from a few awesome forum members, I'm pretty sure it's a 1990.

Note: I just rephotographed it after one year of use (about 750 miles) and a set of Shamals I picked up on CL.

At the urging of Veggie, I added a photo of this bike in action from the CRW Fall Century. That's me in the middle of course, and FormulaSAAB in front.

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Your bikes are beautiful,

Your bikes are beautiful, and beautifully photographed. My only qualms are the saddle angles, but hey... if it works for you I'm not going to bicker.
So cool!!!


Yep, totally, a few times I forgot to level them correctly before photos. I keep meaning to photoshop them in to position haha. They're always dialed in once I ride them.


she's purty

De Rosa Delight

That is fine work. The leather on the saddle and bars give it that true sophisticated look. And the choice of Shamals is perfect.

Thanks mate. I also keep a

Thanks mate. I also keep a set of Open Pros for when my friends drag me up to the hills. They're a pound lighter than the Shamals.


As long as you keep the Shamal for DOWN the hill... ;-)

(Wonderful build btw. Just maybe the unmatching colors of the saddle and handlebars that disturb me.)

leather matching

:o) Funny, they matched well when I first built the bike about 4 years ago. These photos were after a couple years use. They are aging in different directions - the bars are getting more yellowy and the saddle more reddish from UV. I am trying to get a hold of a decent Flite Ti in brown which would match better then the Anni - there's one on ebay right now - very rare.


Glad I came across this bike. I'm restoring an almost exact frame and have been struggling to determine a date for it.

Mine has the same brake bridge, sloping crown fork and the same head tube decal. The SLX decal is also the standard SLX one and not the De Rosa SLX like on the earlier frames. The only difference is that mine has a pump peg behind the head tube.

Anyway, lovely bike, looks brilliant in red.


Thanks for the kind words. I recently got a 1989 (also needs a full restoration) and it has a flat fork crown but also the pump peg. I suspect those were both just options for the buyer, and not as indicative of a particular year as the cast brake bridge would be (this appeared in 1989, I think).



Nice job

Good mix of old and new.


When I got it, it was spaced to 128mm so I wasn't sure of the year, but guessed early 90's - which is why I went with Gen 3 C-Record. Found out later from C. De Rosa that it's an '85. Oh well!

85? Almost looks like an 88.

I would have guessed later then an 85. Did not see the "De Rosa" on the TT till much later, unless it's a repaint. Does it have the chainstay bridge? I didnt know they even made any SLX frames till 86. Know they came out with the reinforced BB shell sans bridge for 86. How did Cristiano peg the date for this beast? Almost looks like an 88 or so. Love to know more details.

I thought 88-92 too. I sent

Agreed. I too thought late 80's/early 90's at first. I sent him a full photo library with brake bridge details etc., so who knows. I'll PM you the photo link. The paint's definitely original.

I assembled the 1992-3 group thinking it was close enough, and I wanted the Ergos for weekly riding. Only things not matching are the headset (had a c-record, but stack height was too high for the fork) and brakes (didn't want deltas or monoplanars here).

Im thinking you might have been closer to being right

I'm thinking you were likely more correct though dont know for sure. IF it's the original paint, you almost never saw anything pre 88 with that De Rosa sticker on the TT. Also, 85 did have the bridge behind the BB, lost in 86 and on. That headtube decal is a bit pre 88, though. Regardless of the date nitpicking, that's a lovely bike with a nice modern interpretation. It's a moot point while out on the road on that beast.

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