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F.Moser Super Prestige Track         Featured Bike! on 10/29/2009

Bike tags: Fixed gear | c-record | campagnolo | chrome | cinelli | more tags >>
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F.Moser Super Prestige

Cinelli Pista 67-39, Cinelli 2A

F.Moser, Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo C-Record H/F laced 1x to 90's Rigida DP18

Campagnolo C-Record H/F laced 3x to 90's Rigida DP18

Campagnolo Record, Campagnolo Record

San Marco Rolls, Campagnolo C-Record

Campagnolo C-Record, Izumi Silver

Phil Wood 19t - 50x19

My courier work bike here in the city. The photos don't do this bike justice (especially the mirror-finish rims!).

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such a sick build cant

such a sick build cant believe u use this for work. do u skid on that vredestein?

almost forgot

about your bike for the Blue/Polished/White cluster. Yours is the best one of the bunch.


It doesn't get any better than this !!! Super Record crankset you would be done :)

WoW !!!

This is one of my dream frames, compliments for keeping it cool and low profile, the only thing if i can say is i would put a vintage Campagnolo Super Record crankset on it, it would better fit the frame year.
Very nice !!!

skin of your teeth

Holy front tire clearance!!!

I hate to comment twice but

I hate to comment twice but I just thought you should know that I've been staring at this page for like 10 minutes. In the most non creepy way possible. I can't believe this is your work bike! haha. Beautiful.




Sweet bike man. Very cool one cross lacing up front. Perfect condition. Did you restore the frame? Well done with the saddle in keeping with the era...


I love your bike, I found it when I was searching for bikes in Paris. I'll be out there for two weeks with my bike, maybe you would want to ride?

im forsure getting chrome

im forsure getting chrome rims next....what kind of rims are they??? did you have them dipped in chrome??

yes, it's been said before,

yes, it's been said before, but it bears repeating holy wow.

goodness. holy wow.

goodness. holy wow.


fantastic! What are those tires?


Hey there, thanks for the comment! They are Vredestein Fortezza TriComp, they hold up well. Would look great on your KHS!


...that bike is a thing of beauty! I really like those blingy rims!

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