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2000 Serotta Concours Ti with Shimergo

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2000 Serotta Concours Ti

Nitto B153STI, Mutant quill

Kestrel EMS, Dura-Ace



dura-ace 7700

selle italia titanium flite, miche supertype

dura-ace, 600

campagnolo record brifters to a shimano 600 FD and RD, no kidding

campy, seriously

10-speed shifters, 9-speed crankset, 8-speed cassette, 7-speed valve stems

shimergo works better than you'd think, but not perfectly. slowly moving towards an all-black drivetrain, but this is good enough for now. the prismatic thing makes it look at certain times like the bike is brown or black or white, depending on the light. contact me if you want to talk shimergo.

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Have you ever tried the 10

Have you ever tried the 10 speed shifters with a 9 speed cassette with just rerouting where the cable is clamped?


i haven't. but it's always an option--it does look a little funny, but then again campy/shimano doesn't look quite sane either. this setup was sort of a cheapo place-holder in 8-speed land to last until i upgrade.

Totally sane.

Shimergo makes all the sense in the world. If you can get it to index properly (and there are many ways), you have the benefit of Ergos which crap all over STIs (I should know, I've rebuilt both), and Hyperglide (superior to Exadrive, last I rode it), not to mention a Shimano freehub which is far superior to Campy's (and for that matter, most others) lame attempt at a freehub.

This bike is sex. All I'd do it is perfect the indexing and go threadless and 31.8 bars.


Wow, that is a sweet frame. ...don't know about Shimergo and Shimergo pursuits; but again, that frame makes me drool.


it sings! swear to god, it makes a high-pitched singing sound when i ride it. great part about ti is that it will never rust.

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