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Eimei - onezilla - shibuyapressure

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Eimei 54cm (njs)

t-19 vs. nitto bullhorns, nitto jaguar stem 100mm

Eiemei aero, Hatta super-swan

blue phil, dt champion 15g, 32 laced 3x to sunrims venus polish

blue phil, dt champion 15g, 32 laced 3x to sunrims venus polish

both sugino 75

selle san marco magma mg white, nitto jaguar 27.2

mks pedal and clips, toshi straps, kmck710sl chain

phil cog 18t, sugino 48t chainring

The frame is from Eimei (pronounced Ay-may), a builder on the outskirts of Tokyo, close to Tachikawa. There's little info to be found on this builder, my guess is that they are no longer in business. I'd love to go out there just to see for my own eyes.
Going by the serial# on the bb, this frame was made sometime in 2006.
The color is a flaked midnight blue with a white overspray on the sides of the tubes.
The logos and graphics may be a bit much for some, I like them, it makes the bike stand out for sure.
Wheels came from Bob and Rich of thebikebiz in Sacramento.
If you see me rolling in Tokyo say hi!

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flip those damn bars!

not only do they look retarded, its a waste, get some regular risers if you're not going to use the bull horns.

Eimei is still around. He

Eimei is still around. He (I don't know his name) is still a NJS certified builder. I have seen a few used Eimei frames around the shops recently. Remington frames are becoming very rare. the list as of 2007.

Great bike, perfect as is.

Great bike, perfect as is. Not over the top at all.

will you sell me those handlebars?

if not

can you tell me where i can purchase them?

i really want to know

thank you

seriously nice

blue phil woods, hot paintjob, unusual emei decals. oh, so, so nice!

fucking sick

this bike will be in my drunken dreams forever.

That is a beautiful bike,

That is a beautiful bike, the paint job is great. I'm jealous.

This upside-down handlebar

This upside-down handlebar is sick! (The bb drops deep for a track(?) frame.) ... But I like the color!

They are right-side up

Pista handlebars with the hooks cut off.

t-19 bullhorns

thnx for commenting.
these are actually upside down bullhorns. nitto + t-19 also made a drop bar in this series, same color.
here's some cut drops
here's drops
the stem and post were prototypes that they never ended up producing.

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