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Huffy Aerowind

Bike tags: Road bike
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Huffy Aerowind



27" Stock

same as above


stock Avocet


10 speed

stock, "aero" design

Found this at a local thrift store. Cleaned it up a bit and it rides prefectly. I'm really surprised at how well it works. I guess this was Huffy's foray into road racing, though it's heavy, the unique tubing and original components make this a fun bike for rolling around the neighborhoods and bike paths.

People who friended this bike velocepedestrian, per.k

I hit a parked car

too. Rather a truck; hard knocks of the paper boy lifestyle

Christmas - circa 1982 (?)

Yep, that's what I got, right there in that pic. I still don't understand the suede seat or the pedals, but hell, mine was a whole bunch of fun until it died when I hit a parked car (oh the shame and humility).

Oh, man.. a parked car? I

Oh, man.. a parked car? I would just tell people you hit a car. Sorry you wrecked it, though. This thing was heavy! You must have been moving at a pretty good clip.

The seat and pedals, well yea I wasn't a real big fan of but they were better than rat traps and pleather which most other huffys came with in that era.

Here's to a better year this year, mate. Cheers.

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