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Ciocc Mockba '80

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Ciocc Mockba '80

3ttt / 3ttt

Ciocc / Campy

Campy / Wolber / Continental

Campy / Wolber / Continental

Campy / Campy

Selle Italia / Campy


Simplex / Campy

Campy / Campy

this bike goes way back with me. i bought it used in 1988, my first real "eye-talian" road bike. it was stolen not long after that. then in 1992 it re-surfaced and i was able to reclaim it!

after languishing for years in my garage, in '98-'99 i had it restored by Assenmacher in flint michigan in the finish you see here and built it up with super-record bits as you see here.

a great bike with great memories. this frame is from a batch of ciocc i've seen manufactured in the 1984 timeframe with "long" geometry, as you can see the 58x58 specs from this one.

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Long TT Ciocc - One of my favorite rides

Very nice sample and good job on the restoration. I also have one of the longer frame Ciöcc samples with a TT length topping out at a whopping 61cm, this for a frame a hair under 62cm c-c. ST. Interestingly, the wheelbase is shorter then on my '83 De Rosa Professional, which is a few sizes smaller at 59cm c-c. Most of the 62cm Italian 80s brigade had a TT far shorter than a whopping 61cm, usually in the 59 range.

My late 83, early 84, Ciöcc Designer 84 is one of, if not the, fastest in the lot and actually handles amazingly well once accustomed to the head tube height size difference from my more tossable 59cm standard. Surprisingly, you lose nothing in the cornering department.

I consider this era Ciöcc to be one of the most underrated bikes, both in performance and build quality. Just a stellar ride that comes second to no one, in my opinion.

- kh

Another fine looking piece

added to the ciocc cluster as well

I was thinkin about getting

I was thinkin about getting one these really like the bike man very good lookin bike.

things to consider

there's a sub-set of ciocc from this era with "long" frame geometry.

most bikes have the top-tube slightly shorter than the seat-tube, and italian frames even moreso. but these "long" ciocc, such as mine at 58x58, have top-tubes 1cm or more longer than you'd typically find for a particular sized frame. i've seen a few examples around, similar to mine -- so pay attention to that.

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