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2009 Surly Pugsley         Featured Bike! on 01/27/2012

Bike tags: Fixed gear | fatbike | iowa | Pugsley | surly
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pugsley / 18 / 2009

on one mary / thomson

surly moonlander / chris king

surly 135mm disc-fixed / flattop 100mm / larry 26 x 3.7

shimano m529 high torque / graceful fat sheba / endomorph 26 x 3.7

rf turbine / truvativ 100mm

? garbage / salsa shaft

platform / pc951


bb7 / speed dial ti


chrome powdercoat

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thats Brutal!

these are pretty cool

what sort of tire pressure do you run?

It varies. Most of the time,

It varies. Most of the time, it is actually on the road since I have to ride to what little off road riding we have in central Iowa. Generally ~20 psi, less in winter.
Getting used to the normal tire "squish" still freaks me out as it feels similar to having a leaky tube or feeling like I'm susceptible to getting a pinch flat.

Have you thought about making it

two wheel drive?

I think it would be cool to

I think it would be cool to give it a try but would prefer to adapt an existing setup instead of fabricating one from scratch. And finding something like that seems unlikely.


Yeah, a bit complex trying to figure out steering and some sort of prop/chain drive.

Yep, and the setups I've

Yep, and the setups I've seen would interfere with the disc brake rotors on the non-drive side. And then there's also the additional weight and driveline drag...
I've already got too many irons in the fire anyway.

is that a rear fix hub in

is that a rear fix hub in the front

Yep, it was handy so I threw

Yep, it was handy so I threw it on.

haha thats awesome!

haha thats awesome!

holy alfred hitchdick

how fat are those tires?

26 x 3.7

26 x 3.7

What's the weight like?

What's the weight like?

No certain but I'd guess in

No certain but I'd guess in the 34-36lbs. range

those bohemiath tires

are so grotesque, yet so fascinating. You say you got this at walmart? wtfzzz

Haha, nah. That's just what

Haha, nah. That's just what I tell people who ask me.


i get it. you sir, funny man.

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