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Cinelli Speciale Corsa Pista

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cinelli steel pista, cinelli steel pista

nisi tubular 28 holes, campagnolo record pista, dugast 20 tubes

nisi tubular 28 holes, campagnolo record pista (rear hub 110mm spaced), dugast 20 tubes

campagnolo record pista 151 BCD, campagnolo 68-P-110

cinelli unicanitor (leather covered), campagnolo record seat post

campagnolo record pista (standard)


some con denti pedals would really set this over the top. amazing build nonetheless

Excellent Addition with Wheels/tubs

You've now put the veritable icing on a near otherworldly cake, this with the addition of the NISI tubs shod with what looks to be the Dugast Pista Diamonds at 20mm. Just a stellar ride, especially with your latest addition. Just be careful with those 28 spoke beasts if you weigh anything at all. Well-Done.


The ultimate in Sublime

The height of sublime. Add my name to the list that would love to see some Dugast Strada Silks, for those special occasions. This beast deserves the whole nine yards. Regardless, what an amazing bike on all fronts. While Hrrundel still has the ultimate collection, you win the photography award in displaying the beast. heh.

- kh

Tried FMB? They may not

Tried FMB? They may not beat Dugasts for durability, but I've never ridden as nice a tire as FMB makes -- and I'm a fan of Dugast. They make amazingly nice tires.

Not yet

But I was eying them at PBK the other day, more lamenting the fact that their tire prices finally took that big jump, especially for the Veloflex Pave, now the Master 22 (and I might be the only one to think this is more than a price and sidewall decal change - the tire feels more like lead then original). Anyway, I just made a tub purchase with another set of GL 330 and a pair of Fiamme Red Label to go on the rears of two sets with GEL-280 up front. I need to make a big tubular purchase and the options with skinwalls are getting more sparse. But FMB is definitely on the radar. Had not heard the non Paris-Roubaix Dugast were more durable then the FMB. Might give them a try on one set.

it's crying for some

gumwall tubies

Is this one of Hrrundel's

Is this one of Hrrundel's restorations? Looks great but I think that the tires too are misplaced on this beauty. Gumwalled tubulars is the only way to go..

:-), i know, thanks, yes

:-), i know, thanks, yes it's from hrrundel



so you're the lucky guy who ended up with that frame! congrats, i have been drooling over it in superb (boston) for awhile now. enjoy!


you're talking about a different bike.
the one in superb is size 52
this one is size 56


very nice!!!

Absolutely breath taking!!!

Absolutely breath taking!!!


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