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2004 bianchi pista, stripped chrome

130mm itm millenium stem. no-name risers from the LBS parts bin.

stock bianchi

velocity deep v, miche primato

velocity deep v, miche primato

campagnolo bb, sugino 75

stock bianchi

shimano ig chain...??? for pedals.

currently 43x17, EAI cog, girlfriend's bandana, hand-painted bmx grips.

i left the bianchi headbadge, since i thought it had a classic look. i kind of like a classic, vintagey look, and have toyed with the idea of a path racer-inspired look for a while, along with a bunch of other ideas. a serendipitous series of events led to this combination here, which looks and feels very nice.

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you have to be kidding ,

you have to be kidding , with that handlebar setup..

sickness bike!

i really like your bike, looks REAL clean! not to sure about those upside down risers though, but whatever suits you. but wutever, its sick anyway.

Play nice

Boys... Why don't you just take it to pm's and keep this crap off the site. Just my .02


forget the haters, I flipped a pair of bar and rode them like that and they even felt fast as hell! Props on riding an original bar setup man
The S.N.C.L. (stop negative comments league)

Free Speech

Free speech & right to any & all opinions, ever heard of the 1st amendent?



I rode a pair of risers like that for a few months, and they were really comfy with oury grips on them.


your handlebars are ugly


those bars look mad uncomfortable

Awesome contribution!

Awesome contribution! Thanks for your insightful comments, its really great of you

Oh, come now. He obviously

Oh, come now. He obviously worked really hard to use the right "your". If he doesn't have the energy left to use capitalization or punctuation, how can he be expected to come up with an actual contribution?


those bars are the sickness


replica cafe racer aye?


The bar / stem / grip treatment is too cool !!
Nice !


i've had a lot more comments on it in a few days than i ever though i would in a few weeks. glad you like it. i do too. the look, the feel...both really nice.

looks like fun to ride....

do you call it the chinn crackerr..... plus i hope the grips are
odi mushrooms..

chin cracker

chin cracker....yeah, i like that.

ArlieMarshall ,puttin' up my dukes and givin' a damn.

well, really....

i've got no reason to call it that. feels perfectly fine, handles just as well.

Oh no.

Id be surprised if Bike Snob hasnt already ripped this thing to peices. Thats really the most horrible looking handlebar configuration ive ever seen.


Yea thats gotta be a back killer. Are those off a little girls bike? At least the grips look like it. Very nice frame though.

That chincracker comment still has be bustin a rib

The Chin Cracker f'n to funny

You are a Class A Douche

I've seen almost all of your comments, and I have come to the conclusion you're a Class A Douche. Almost all of your comments are negative with absolutely no constructive criticism. Why don't you post a picture of your ride? Do you even have bike?


I think you are wrong. A Douche is someone who takes handlebars, which their local bike shop has deemed unacceptable for a 16" wheeled girls bike, and mounts them on a perfectly good Pista (upside down no less).

You know, I just saw a

You know, I just saw a picture of a bike with the seat much higher and a pair of drops w/ a stem so steep the top of the bars were almost at teh tire, let alone the drop part were well below... so. It's the same as a pair of drops, really.

so, take your seat post out of your ass.

Are you talkin to me? (De Niro Voice)

Are you refering to my ride or someone elses? I'm confused...

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