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Custom NJS Panasonic Track, with Zipp Track wheels

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Panasonic NJS Custom frame, 60cm, 2010

Natural Cycle Risers, Nitto Jaguar Stem

Panasonic Custom Fork, Dura Ace NJS Headset

Zipp 3000 Carbon Trispoke, Tubular

Zipp 950 Carbon Disc, Tubular

Sugino 75 Crankset, Sugino Mighty Re-Issue Chainring

Nitto 65 Seatpost and custom green Kashimax Saddle

MKS Track pedals and HKK Vertex Chain

Had this frame built from me in Japan, then traveled over there from Australia with my Wheels, bought all the parts over in Japan and rode around for a few weeks visiting all the amazing bike sights that there are to see in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto!
Will definitely be going back to live there year after next.

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zipp 3000

Nice bike. Im looking for front zipp3000 wheel. Please do let me know if you want to sell it.

Tubular on street

What is your experience of riding with tubular tires on the rear wheel, on street? Really cool bike by the way ;)

sweet fixy

sweet fixy


I think the wheel would look more agressive the correct way: as though it were chomping up the street as opposed to flopping down onto it. Does that make sense? I'd also like to see it with drops (maybe white ones? hah) and you have that thingy there anyways, right -- form follows function, form follows function, form follows function...

Baha, this dudes logic

Baha, this dudes flopping/chomping logic invalidates all your arguments, fuck physics when you have flopchomping logic

Also my drops are black

Also my drops are black ( I have a set of black mavic ellipses which go on this bike for track fun)White turns brown fast


This thing has Fixie all over it

No, it has "Panasonic" all

No, it has "Panasonic" all over it...


Front wheel's on backwards

Zipp 3000's don't have a

Zipp 3000's don't have a frontwards or backwards, look up the original zipp 1990 catalogue on the Zipp website, they have them installed both ways on all the bikes and even different ways on the one bike

Nitto NJS

Heat Treated Nitto Drops PLease!!

I second that request. Get

I second that request. Get some drop bars already.

They grace this bike only

They grace this bike only when it hits the velodrome man!


Honestly, it's okay, you can admit that you never go to a velodrome.

The fact that you're riding

The fact that you're riding these wheels, and a disc wheel on the street with riser bars…. just totally blows my mind.

And yes…. your front wheel is on backwards. Take a look at all the other bikes with this wheel mounted. NO ONE has it mounted to same way as you.

If you're foolish enough to be riding these wheels on your street bike, at least don't be so stupid as to be riding them backwards.

All you haters suck my

All you haters suck my balls:

From the zipp catalogue

not hating, just trying to help

from zipp's patent application (note arrow):

catalogs are made by art departments, not engineering departments (usually, anyway).

Thats pretty cool, now

Thats pretty cool, now explain to me why it makes a skerrick of difference...


the whole point of this kind of wheel design is to reduce friction losses from fluid drag around the spokes. the spokes in this wheel have a cross section that is designed to have a thin boundary layer and reduce vortex shedding in its wake, among other losses. this only works in one direction, however. if you put the wheels on backwards, you will lose any aerodynamic advantage the wheel is supposed to have.


Vorticies on the trailing edge of surfaces are what create drag right, to my eyes when the wheel is running "Backwards" the trailing surfaces are smaller leading to less vorticies, but still I don't give a shit

Just look at the wheel man!

Just look at the wheel man! It does not take rocket science to clearly see that, when spinning in one direction, the spoke blades have MORE surface area that is having to slice thru the wind, while the other direction will have LESS surface area on the frontal side of the spokes cutting into the wind.

Granted, all of this is pretty much meaningless, unless you're going 25mph or faster over a long distance at your max riding power. Even than, it's only going to save you a few seconds off an hour+ race.

Anyway, it's the face of the matter… that if you're foolish enough to be riding these as your street wheels… you might as well not look double foolish by having the wheels mounted backwards.


people really do get worked up over some dumb shit, I'm gonna keep riding them this way now, just because

Wow, you're sure stubborn

Wow, you're sure stubborn and cantankerous aren't you? Haha. Go you!

The hipster will ride his

The hipster will ride his unnecessary tarck bike the way he want to past the velodrome to the coffee shop on the sidewalk 10mph the way he wants to! Even with the foolish backwards wheel.

I don't liek Coffee, It

I don't liek Coffee, It tastes like poo


Does Panasonic even recieve(deserve)an NJS stamp anymore... ??



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